Saturday, April 11, 2009

Trip to Kandahar Town III

Part III-Final

Those bigger plates that you see in Part II (last picture) were grill goat meat.

In this picture, the top plate in white is really really fresh raw goat liver ............. yucks. Managed to trick Peter to take it. I forbid myself from taking fear factor food hahaha
The reddish food at the bottom is a salad dish. Tomatoes, cucumber and foul mixed together.

Fantastic taste and this was the only dish that was finished by us.

In this picture, the smaller plate at the top is actually chillis. I like it and it really burn your lips.

A plate of salad that comprise cucumber, tomatoes, onions and greenies is very common.

The blackie stuff I tried this since it was fried, the goat liver again. No smell as it was marinated with salt just now hehehe and since it was fresh it was so tender.

This is their tea stall where you have all kinds of spices that could be put into the hot tea to spice up the taste.

A good cup of local coffee or tea after a good meal would be a complete meal.

Peter was still whacking the food after two of us have gave up. Another four more local Sudanese friends joined us later.

But our Sudanese friend said we cannot take our coffee and tea yet because he has ordered a special drink for us. Oh no!

I saw them preparing this concoction. It was a mixture of one litre of 7-Up, two cans of non-alcoholic beer and fresh local yoghurt. It taste like ........ hmmmm what does it like already???? Nice cocktail. A Sudanese friend said it's Sudanese Rum hahahaha.

You are given a tin cup .... scoop up and that's yours. We looked at each other and said that we have no meetings tomorrow, so go for it. After one cup, I drank another and another. Whatever is going happen, so be it.

Then came my favourite, the hot tea for me. I'm the only one who requested for tea. It came with an incense stuff. To drive the houseflies away or to add more taste to the atmosphere ?????

This street vendor really caught my attention. The other boys brought many stuffs hanging on their neck.

This guy came with an industrial weighing machine over his shoulder. He was trying to sell it to our group of Sudanese friends.

One of the Sudanese friends said before buying we must test whether the machine is working or not. Almost everyone in the group went up to see their personal weight.

For private & confidential purpose, not revealing the name of this person's weight ...... you guess. It's in kilograms of course.

No one bought that machine anyway haha

Saw the owner was cutting up another goat to be served to other customers.

Yeah, he tried not to block my camera's view and showed me the ribs.

The other side of the Souq Nagar .... desert.

Back to civilisation after our food adventure at Kandahar town.

This is the Burj Al-Fateh Hotel. We'll be in there soon for our afternoon tea. Too expensive to have a meal in there. Could cost up to US$70 per person.

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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

What a feast! That Sudanese rum looks tempting :)

11 April, 2009 15:09  
Blogger Ai Shiang said...

Look like you've had fun visiting around the town. Great photos you've taken too.

13 April, 2009 10:22  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

US$70 per person is crazy! I would run away.

15 April, 2009 00:52  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - surprisingly it was nice

ai shiang - we truly enjoyed the trip

twilight - having tea in there is enough hehe

15 April, 2009 06:00  

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