Saturday, December 20, 2008

Malaysian Warship Battles Somali Pirates

The KD Indera Sakti Malaysian warship went face to face with a small group of Somali pirates at the Gulf of Aden on 17 Dec 2008.

The Royal Malaysian Navy warship despatched two helicopters to save a Chinese ship, MV Zhen Hua 4 which is owned by China Communications Construction Company Ltd, from being hijacked upon receiving distress calls from the International Maritime Bureau. Just a number of shots were fired at the pirates and they flee as fast as possible back to Somalia shore.

Chinese crews were defending against the pirates prior to the arrival of the helicopters. They defended by throwing molotov cocktails at those pirates and when they knew they can't defend anymore, they locked themselves in unpenetratable rooms. By that time the Malaysian helicopters have arrived.

More pictures of the hijacking incident in Mail Online.

The Malaysian warhship do not have enough support and if they do, they would have bomb the pirates out of the face of this earth. United Nations Security Council just approved unanimously that will allow foreign militaries to conduct sea, land and air attacks on the pirates' bases on the Somalia coast. I'm sure other warships will be ready now to chase after those pirates with this UN licence to 'kill'.

Well done our Royal Malaysian Navy. Three cheers to you!
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

I just watch Black Hawk Down again to refresh my memory about how is it like in Somalia. Man, they got AK47 and RPG!

20 December, 2008 23:47  
Blogger -EdwiN- said...

wher u get tis info? sry im vry out to date on happening news so i usually rely on frens >_<

21 December, 2008 00:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Salute to our own heroes, very impressive. applause to the move of United Nations Security Council also, it's time to fight back!

21 December, 2008 15:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - now they have the ukrainian tanks that were hijacked

edwin - all out in the newspapers

daniel - yeah, wiped them off (not kill though) but sometimes when u are facing such fellas .... u got no choice

25 December, 2008 04:22  

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