Saturday, December 06, 2008

Watch Made Beyond Its Purpose

Nowadays, watchmakers are making watches beyond its purpose or usage. Only way to differentiate themselves from other watchmakers, each party will manufacture a watch to claim the title of the most complicated watchmaker.

Romain Jerome, a Geneva watchmaking house, has manufactured a watch that doesn't tell time. Now, why would you want to buy something that is called a watch but doesn't tell its time.

The watch is called Day&Night which has two tourbillons working in sequence, one during the 12-hour-day, and the other during the 12-hour-night. During the first twelve hours, only the Day tourbillon will move. It will stop moving after twelve hours and hand over the movement to the Night tourbillon. Selling price - US$300,000.

Just when I thought the first one was complicated, out comes another weird piece.

Manufactured by both Romain Jerome and Cabestan, only six pieces are out in the market. Wondering whether all six have been sold or still being displayed at retail shops.

This watch was made to pay homage to the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Antarctic and Arctic Oceans. The last piece, where tiny weeny parts of the Titanic ship were used, was to commemorate Titanic's shipwreck site i.e. 41° 43’ 55’’ N et 49° 56’ 45’’ W. Such a weird looking timepiece could easily fetch US$173,000.

This watch really makes sense to me now. You see the hour arm at last. François-Paul Journe's La Sonnerie Souveraine but surprisingly this watch has a grand sonnerie, or full strike, which sounds the hours and quarters at each quarter, and a petite sonnerie which sounds only the hour at the hour and the quarters at the quarters. It also has an extremely complicated minute repeater.

Selling price - US$544,000. This is crazy!

So by looking at those prices, I definitely can't afford any of it and can only dream about it. Even if I could have afford it, I may not put US$500,000 on my hand. Why? Because not many people will know what kind of brand are those .......... hehe

My aim is much lower - the Oris Williams F1 Team Chronograph 2008. Nothing unique on this model but it's an automatic winding chronograph that is big in size, 45mm in diameter.

Wondering what's the price in Malaysia?

The joke is that people on the street won't be able to differentiate whether your watch is originally authentic or not. Some friends mentioned that buying a fake one is just as good. The only thing you want to know is ............. simple ............. the time, that was the main purpose.

Reading: Watchmakers pushing the limits - International Herald Tribune
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Blogger Jason Law said...

Wow, RJ's watches really cool.. Love the design but not the price. Since people can't differentiate original or not, why not get a cheap one from the street XD

06 December, 2008 08:24  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

To lots of people, watch is a symbol of wealth besides car!

06 December, 2008 08:50  
Blogger Kay Leaf said...

Weird and very de expensive watches...
My aim is to own a Tag Hever Aquaracer... (hopefuly end of this year)

06 December, 2008 10:10  
Blogger Annoymous said...

Expensive watches. Maybe only a billionaire would had bought them.

For me . not any now :(

06 December, 2008 12:30  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

I like the Day& Night watch by Romain Jerome. I think it's cool.

But does that mean I'll have to wear another watch to help tell time????? I'd like to get one, if they accept monopoly money.....Lols!!!

06 December, 2008 16:15  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

I love watches with beautiful designs or better still some diamonds studded ones if I can afford one.

07 December, 2008 00:04  
Blogger fruzabdullah said...

wow.. tourbillion eik... if you want to know more about tourbillion.. you can contact yeop (zul)..he just explain it to me...

but the most valuable "Jam" in Palaouge.... is Jamilah....

07 December, 2008 04:11  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

it looks so complicated to read time from those except the Oris one of course!! no point getting a watch but not knowing how to read time from it

07 December, 2008 22:38  
Blogger Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Irony is when, half of these watch owners aren't even punctual.

08 December, 2008 00:46  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jason - which street? hehe

chemhoster - yeah agree with u on this .... they will sit down with the hands high up and sleeves down so that all can see their latest collection

kay - that's a nice watch u are targetting there. tag's never my choice as i find the price over inflated due to their high profile advertisements

harmony - multi-millionaires will buy it already

blackie - haha .... day&night is to show off, not the time

jasmine - minus the diamonds then

fairuz - hahahahaha i like 'jam'ilah also

simon - it depends on yr ulmate reason in getting it .... to show off or time

gorgeous eve - u can say that again

08 December, 2008 02:37  
Blogger s.kuan said...

first 2 looks more like ancient antiques but it's so cool!

08 December, 2008 09:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kuan - in a way, it will catch other people's attention when u wear it

10 December, 2008 22:22  
Blogger Annoymous said...

These watches are so expensive, i doubt i even want to look at them.

04 January, 2009 23:22  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

harmony - even if u can afford it?

06 January, 2009 16:12  

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