Friday, December 05, 2008

Project Gift a Kid

Bloggers in Malaysia are again at the forefront, this time in Kuala Lumpur itself. I'm proud to blog about this project brought up by AllMalaysian Bloggers Project team who is assisting Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur in bringing gifts to underprivileged kids.

The Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur is sourcing for funds to purchase back-to-school materials, school books, stationery, uniforms for underprivileged kids who are 6 to 15 years old for the coming school year.

The project is called Project Gift A Kid. Primarily, kids from:-

* Rumah WAKE 1 (a home for HIV+ children and their affected siblings under the Pertubuhan Wanita dan Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur); and

* Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan (Tamil) Cheras (many of the children come from the surrounding low-cost flats and squatter areas and most cannot afford school uniforms let alone school fees) will benefit in this project.

High cost of living has hit many Malaysian families. If you have been voicing your dissatisfaction against the government for not managing or controlling the country's inflation, this is the time where you can do something.

It's Christmas season again and a time of giving. Why not bring a smile to the school kids. Let them have hope in their studies and you could be sponsoring a kid that will bring glory to Malaysia in the future.

Browse through the Project Gift A Kid blog and find out how you can sponsor as little as RM10 or up to RM150. Your grand dinner at top restaurant would have cost more than that easily. Why not sacrifice that one good meal to allow a kid to study for a whole year.

As for Malaysian bloggers, you could play a big role too. You could help out by blogging out loud to the world and letting people from all walks of life to contribute to this project. In addition to that, each blogger who blog about this project will indirectly sponsor one kid to go for a movie at the courtesy of United International Pictures ("UIP").

Sponsorship method:-
* Get in touch with Kavita (016-259 3818), Anu (016-254 6995) or Sumitra (012-246 9109) or email to get a sponsorship form(s).
* All payments can be made via cash or cheque written to “ROTARACT CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR” to the people listed above.
* Closing date for sponsorships is December 25, 2008.

* Return the sponsorship form(s) to Star Publications (M) Bhd between Dec 15 and 18, at the following address - Menara Star, Phileo Damansara II, 15 Jalan 16/11, 46350, Petaling Jaya.

In blogging for the above, bloggers will be rewarded with a chance to win something for their efforts. Take a look at the UIP Caption Contest. For the contest, I chose to blog about the Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging movie.

Four kids were watching their friend's moves, who lost in a bet, who had to dress up in a fruit dressing walking through the town market.

Older folks was talking about her dressing and flashlights from cameras and camera phone nearly blinded her eyesight.

At the end of the day, she is convinced that the controversial yoga will clear her mind of from those laughing, jeering and the embarassment that she went through.



Blogger Unknown said...

Hey there Johnny. Thanks for blogging about project gift a kid. We appreciate the effort.

Michael A. Fredericks
On behalf of AMBP

12 December, 2008 13:49  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

hi michael, as i'm in ambp definitely i'll help out wherever i can

13 December, 2008 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,
Thanks for supporting the Project! =)

We'll be visiting the kids of Rumah WAKE 1 to hand over the items this Saturday, Dec 20 at noon.

You're welcome to join us. Do drop me an email at so I can send directions to the home.

17 December, 2008 09:39  
Anonymous gifts Philippines said...

Wish I saw this earlier so that I would give what I can do for this project its so informative.


23 August, 2010 14:12  

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