Saturday, December 13, 2008

Only Consolation in Sudan

As I like to watch football a lot ............... I get to watch it in abundance and it's also the only consolation for being in Sudan. Just look at my English Premier League TV schedule for Saturday and Sunday. We get to watch all of the matches live broadcasted by Showtime Maximum TV channels. This weekend's (not a weekend in Sudan though) matches will start with Middlesborough vs. Arsenal at 3.30pm (Sudan time). I don't need to stay up late for any of the matches. We get to switch to whichever match we want to see at any given time but would normally stick to the best match.

Match of the week would definitely be the match between Tottenham vs. Man Utd, which will start at 8.30pm here. No doubt that Spurs is on form at the moment.

If you are into EPL, there is a poll ready for you to vote upon (on left column).
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Blogger Ted said...

I bet you've put on weight as well...hahah. Last time when i used to watch EPL games every week with the guys we tend to eat more...donno about you.

13 December, 2008 21:46  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

Johnny, I am wondering if you've been transferred to Sudan alr? Cos you've been there for quite some time alr right?

haha...Dun have to stay up late for live match. Good for you! MU seems to be consistently outplaying! hebat!

14 December, 2008 01:45  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ted - what is this bet on my weight gain haha

chemhoster - was here on 12 nov but i have been in and out of sudan since oct 2004 and disappointed that man utd didn't win against spurs

14 December, 2008 04:14  

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