Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bad Tuesday

Hopefully the year 2008 will be a gooooooooooooooood bye.

Early today during noon time, was in the city centre and while on my way back home, I was asking myself whether to use the smart tunnel or the usual non-toll road. Seeing no cars on the ramp going towards Sungai Besi, I decided to use the non-toll road and the thought of saving RM2.

While on the middle lane, I thought of going to the fast lane on my right and I made the decision to do so. The moment I went on the fast lane, a motorcycle zig zag between me and the front car. This motorcycle went passed us and out of a sudden, a car from the opposite decided to make a u-turn (right below the overhead bridge coming from Istana Negara to Sungai Besi) which surprised the motorcyclist. The motorcyclist seeing the car (a Honda Accord anyway) coming out, decided to swerve and swayed in panic mode.

The car right in front of me panicked too and decided to jam his break as he was afraid that the motorcyclist may fall right in front of him.

I saw how the motorcyclist reacted at the same time and was thinking that the motorcyclist was just swaying frantically due to his high speed and trying to avoid the car that was trying to make a u-turn. The Honda car seeing the motorcycle stopped moving but it was too late.

The car in front of me jammed his brake and me tooooooooooooooooooooooo. Skidded and kissed his backside. Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and when I looked at my rear mirror, a small size lorry was coming at me too. Thank God he turned real fast and drove up into the grass divider and he was saved. Otherwise, I could be sandwiched in between the front car and the lorry at the back. Actually, the car in front of me need not jammed his brake as he could just brake and move slowly instead but ...................... ah never mind.

All the above happened in a fraction of a second. No time to react.

Got down and saw the front car (Proton Persona) having scratches on his bumper but my Myvi (that belongs to my sis) was badly dented in the middle only. Front lamps were ok but the bonnet came up a bit. The

The motorcyclist and Honda car were nowhere to be seen. The lorry driver drove his way back to the road. I apologised to the malay driver of the Proton Persona profusely and he was grateful in not claiming against me .............. haha .... that could be after seeing his bumper has scratches only and mine was bad. He said he can't help it in braking. I told him I'm sorry as I didn't expect him to brake totally. It has happened.

Drove straight to my friend's car workshop in Sentul and the mudguard fella was there at the same time.

- need to get new bonnet RM250
- knocking at the front of the car and bumper / metallic paint / adjust certain parts - RM500

RM750 gone just like that and no thanks to the motorcyclist ........... or should I have taken the smart tunnel in the first place .......... hehe. Will get my car back tomorrow night. Thank God no one was hurt.

Ahhhhhhhhh upon reaching home from the workshop via taxi (RM11), went up to my condo and tried to take off my leather shoes ................. guess what, as I was holding the sole, it came off when I tried to take off one of the shoes .......... what a day!

Not being superstitious, I was very careful as I walked out to the shoplots for my meal later on ...... haha. Maybe didn't pray much enough for God's protection. Took for granted.

So, good bye to 2008 and looking ahead to year 2009. Happy New Year!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank God you were ok and no one was badly hurt..Well accidents happen even to those who drive carefully if you happen to encounter reckless drivers......hope they will be more careful on the road...

31 December, 2008 07:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy new year Johnny...nasib baik tak jadi ape2...kalo tak mesti u tak jadi belanje i makan...huhuhu

Duke Cone

31 December, 2008 08:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! what a bad day man!

ok let us say bye bye to the awful year and looking ahead for the great great and wonderful year in 2009, wish you all the best in 2009, bro.

31 December, 2008 09:44  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

wow.. just a very near... Lucky no one got hurt... really blessing..

Happy 2009... will be a great year ahead..

31 December, 2008 09:51  
Blogger Ted said...

Thank God you are alright Johnny!

31 December, 2008 10:15  
Blogger electronicfly said...

but luckily not hurt la...

31 December, 2008 10:21  
Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Oh, so sorry to hear of your ordeal! I hope 2009 is better than ever, with great blessings too.

31 December, 2008 10:58  
Blogger Josephine said...

May all ur wishes come true!
Happy new Year!

31 December, 2008 12:16  
Blogger Rosse said...

Sorry to hear of your minor accident. What an unlucky tuesday you had.Next time don't follow the option always follow your first instinct...hehe..Happy New Year!

31 December, 2008 13:54  
Blogger eiling lim said...

Sorry to hear about the accident. It pays to be smart so next time better pay RM2. Motorcyclists are really annoying especially on the highways. Anyways Happy New Year to you! Starting the year with a bang?

31 December, 2008 15:41  
Blogger Call me A.S for AkiraSabine said...

Ouch...there goes a big hole in the pocket. Seriously, I could have sworn the whole night through on whoever caused it, in this case the motorcyclist.

Anyhow.. after tonight it's behind you.. it's a thing of the past year.

Wishing you a Happy Brand New 2009!

31 December, 2008 20:18  
Blogger foongpc said...

Wow! Looking at it another way, You are LUCKY! You may have lost some money, but your life is intact, so be thankful!

Anyway, here's my short greetings for you...

As the end of 2008 is drawing near,
Gone are Santa and his reindeers,
And we all switch to high gears,
To celebrate the countdown of the coming year.

I want to let you know you’re a great blogger,
So much so that I’ve made myself your Follower,
It does not matter whether you are far or near,
You’ve brought me much laughters and tears.

So before you get drunk with that last glass of beer,
Waiting for 2009 to appear,
Let me wish you now and here,
A very happy & smashing new year!!

: )

31 December, 2008 20:39  
Blogger Simon Ho said...

oh my goodness! thank god nothing worse happened! i had the same experience a few months back with my myvi. but i was the persona in this case. haha. but glad you are okay. happy new year!

31 December, 2008 21:07  
Blogger Ai-Ling said...

Ouch!! Thank goodness you are okay.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you, Johnny :)

31 December, 2008 21:40  
Blogger Va:L said...

Hm...a lot of outstation peoples are in KL during this holiday season. They might not be familiar with the routes.

Be careful! Drive safe!

03 January, 2009 11:36  
Blogger Kev said...

First of all, thank god you're safe, Johnny. It all began with the reckless motorcyclist - you know, in one province in China, motorcyles are banned!! Just got to know yesterday.

"It never rains but pours" - so sometimes, when things happen, it happens one after another - good or bad. It's all part of life.

04 January, 2009 13:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sollee - if u happen? it happened too fast actually, need to be moooooore careful actually

duke cone - dah kena bayar rm750 bikin repair tu

daniel - haha, great 2009 is coming up

wanwan - just need to look at the better part - no one was hurt

ted - yeah, God was there

electronicfly - agree

conviv - i like that great blessings

josephine - looking forward to those wishes

roisin - hehe, next time just use the smart tunnel

eiling - i ended the year with a bang actually

akira - that's really a big hole and the hole is still there

foong - how to respond to their poem? thanks for the marvellous poem u have done over there

simon - considered small issue

ai ling - its ouch but importantly i'm ok

val - i didnt notice the other car's number plate also haha

kev - just need to be aware of many things while driving

05 January, 2009 09:43  

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