Monday, November 10, 2008

Bigger Better Cinemas in Malaysia

If you are thinking that recession is setting in then you are wrong from the perspective of cinema owners. Malaysian movie goers will get to watch their favourite movies in 51 new cinema screens throughout Malaysia in time to come.

TGV, GSC and Cathay Cineplex - here they come. Heard of Bollywood? Yeah, an Indian company by the name of Adlabs Films Limited, a subsidiary of the Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, have bought into a local Malaysian company, Lotus Five Star AV (M) Sdn Bhd, that is currently operating forty cinema screens under Star Screen Cinemas. This Lotus Five Star company is part of the Lotus indian restaurants ............. yeah, the expensive indian restaurant. They have made their profits and is diversifying into the entertainment industry now.

Initial capital outlay for the Malaysian operations would be about RM100 million to expand up to 100 cinema screens within the next fifteen months. There would be a change of name as well ............ BIG Cinemas.

This cinema chain is not new as they have cinemas operating in USA, Mauritius and Nepal at the moment. It's proven! Today it has 155 screens in India and 220 screens in overseas investments. In time to come, the cinemas will show English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin, Tamil, Thai, Indonesian, Korean, Japanese, Hindi and other language films, depending on demand from the neighbourhood.

Will it become a BIG bang when it has fully expanded in Malaysia?

Reading: Adlabs Films to operate cinema chain in Malaysia - Reuters India
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Blogger foongpc said...

Oh! This is news to me. As far as I know, only three cinemas exist in Malaysia - GSC, TGV and Cathay. So with a new one coming in, Inhope there'll be more competition, and we customers benefit! : )

10 November, 2008 14:31  
Blogger soulesscloudy said...

Big bang? hmmm.. i'm really doubt of it.. M'sian is more westernise.. not sure will accept sth eastern or not.. anyway.. a very good Competitor for existing players..

10 November, 2008 20:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With current economic, I don't think big is beautiful and size isn't the major factor to success.

Just have one word to them: Good Luck!

10 November, 2008 21:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still prefer to be s couch potato at home watching DVDs over some cookies and coffee with my kids around!! But i suppose it is a good news as it gets more competitive, it benefits us even more!!

10 November, 2008 23:32  
Blogger eiling lim said...

we shall see... I hope prices will be competitive too but with better seats!

11 November, 2008 04:55  
Blogger 고양이 아줌마 (Cat Lady) said...

Oh, now I know who owns BIG cinema. I had wondered, and was quite sure it can't be an individual that owns it as it's really big.

BIG cinema is at the top floor at Brem Mall, Kepong. The popcorn there is super yummy!! slurrp..

11 November, 2008 12:00  
Blogger YANZ said...

BIG cinema?
How 'creative... HAHAHAHAHaHa =P

they've got to be cheaper TGV & GSC, and more comfortable than GSC, in order to do well

11 November, 2008 13:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, Lotus must be making alot of money! I bet the owner's house (i can't remember where) has grown bigger! Haha..

Hmm, i read this case study on cinemas in the UK and it is definitely growing. Rich kids are spending alot BUT there is a growing threat in the form of piracy. So yea.. see how it goes.

I wonder if people will switch from TGV and GSC though. Or if price / convenience is the only thing people factor in. Does a name like BIG push customers away? Haha..

11 November, 2008 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, did someone say yummy popcorn? I wanna go there just to get some, not watch. Haha!

11 November, 2008 15:58  
Blogger Unknown said...

hope they have onoine booking and opens one in sunway...miahaha..

11 November, 2008 18:49  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - i didnt know at first till i dig for more info

wanwan - owners from india only but movies are the same as other cinema operators

daniel - price may be reduced to entice movie goers

cazzy - i seldom go cinema too. the meals we eat, the car park, the titbits, the cinema tickets .... all add up together will cost a bomb

eiling - hmmmmm better seats? just need to pay more for it then

blackie - heard of it in that mall

yanz - its a challenge for them as they occupy smaller shopping centres

usws - oh yes, lotus is really doin well till they can diversify

sky - big challenge indeed

14 November, 2008 03:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

been there with parking.senang nak pergi.
we all miss show kat klcc..tiket dah beli one day the time nak masuk klcc..parking lot penuh..the attendant dah buat sekatan masuk..satu family frust..nak balik selayang i ambil keputusan singgah bremall...god save the day..muka anak2 ceria semula lepas i tunjuk tiket same movie ..but less hustlebustle..good cinema..friendlier attendance compare to klcc n those big name tgv/gsc..but food outlet is poor..but what the hell kite nak tengok wayang kan

16 June, 2009 13:09  

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