Thursday, October 22, 2009


Nothing wrong with the title ....... it's correct ........ 1TooMany.

The Prime Minister launched the 1Malaysia concept, back in April 2009, to foster closer relationship amongst the multi ethnic/racial society in Malaysia.

The Prime Minister is looking towards the 'One Dream, One People, One nation' and was glad that this has brought much positiveness to the nation. He has claimed that Malaysians are accepting the 1Malaysia concept which brought about the win in the recent Bagan Pinang by-election.

But I think he got carried away till the concepts of 1Region and 1World were mentioned when he addressed the 35th Unesco general conference’s opening plenary session. Not saying that it's impossible to achieve this two concepts but it's way too big. The United Nations is still experiencing certain difficulties in bringing nations to agree on grave issues all these years.

I'm sure that the concepts of 1Region and 1World can't beat the following 1 ....... 1Toilet!

What 1Toilet?

The state of Terengganu's Education, Higher Learning, Human Resource, Science and Technology Committee mooted the 1Toilet concept. Now how is this 1Toilet going to work along with 1Malaysia?

The 1Toilet was to get teachers and principals to share the same toilets with their students. Just by the virtue of sharing the same toilet will bring much transfer of wisdom from the teachers and principals to the students ?!??!?!?!??!??!

This is really getting 1TooMany now. Can we stop abusing the "1" thingy?

I think we should encourage all government-linked-companies to adopt this 1Toilet as well. I want to see all the Tun, Tan Sri and Datuk to share the same toilets with their managers, executives, clerks and office boys. I'm sure this will enhance the corporate mentality and thus, increase the productivity and effectiveness of each company.

What about 1Race? Bangsa Malaysia?

What other 1 should we have?

Reading: ‘1Toilet’ plan to let teachers and students mingle freely - Star
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Blogger foongpc said...

I'm 1st!! : )

23 October, 2009 02:17  
Blogger foongpc said...

I quite like 1World concept. 1Universe when we meet up with aliens later too : )

23 October, 2009 02:18  
Blogger foongpc said...

1Toilet? haha! That's really 1TooMany!

Did you know before the PM announce 1Malaysia, there's a company already practising it? It's 1Utama shopping complex! hahaha!

23 October, 2009 02:20  
Blogger Chemhoster said...

I take it as a joke!

23 October, 2009 19:58  
Anonymous saya said...

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24 October, 2009 09:33  
Blogger akatsukiotoko said...

To me its just a brainwashing campaign of the barisan...

but true that why can`t they just could not get creative enough with other words, maybe `satu`?

24 October, 2009 10:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - no prize for 1st but i do appreciate yr comments. maybe his staff has forgotten abt 1utama

chemhoster - haha .... yeah laugh over it and humour yrself with it. we need some good laughs at times

saya - thks

akatsu - brain washing? feel good factor? it's a campaign indeed

18 November, 2009 00:03  

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