Friday, October 30, 2009

Buy Your Coffin Online

You can order your own coffin before you rest in peace for good. If you think your time is about to run out, click quickly to order a coffin. Don't worry about the delivery time as they rely on Federal Express to courier the coffin to you.

Who would simply order a coffin for no reason? That's where FedEx come into play and it will reach you within forty eight hours. Hopefully it can reach you on time.

The price ranges from US$895 to US$2,899. The most expensive coffin is 100% bronze and the interior plush velvet is hand made. Wow .......... furthermore, it allows you to pay in twelve installments. I wonder whether you could last that long to pay off the twelve installments?!?!?! Unless you were buying it for another unfortunate person.

The abovesaid coffins are being sold at offer prices and will last till 31 Dec 2009. So, if you want to save some money, die earlier.

Sorry to tell you, you can't return the coffin once delivered to your place unless it due to freight or cosmetic damage from shipping.

Just when you thought this coffin/casket is a taboo product, another similar wholesale company by the name of Costco is giving Wal-Mart a run for their money by selling coffins/caskets too. Costco must have analysed that these products will bring in handsome profits.

Buying tip: If you can't wait up to seventy two hours, don't order from Costco.
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Anonymous saya said...

Nice post^^
Keep in touch ~~

30 October, 2009 13:01  
Blogger Ted said...

Who will sign for it if i happen to conk before it arrives? lol

30 October, 2009 17:28  
Blogger Akira said...

Another way, buy first and store for future use. Else, use it as your villa should you(as in not you, Johnny) wish to change fengshui of the surface you sleep on. LolZ!

01 November, 2009 22:34  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I thought Cosway might include them in their catalogues soon! LOL

04 November, 2009 23:34  
Anonymous music said...

Nice Post!... thanks for sharing.. keep posting..

06 November, 2009 16:47  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

saya - keep in touch after life or what? hehe

ted - that's a challenging question indeed

akira - store for future use. people who comes visiting at yr hse will be shocked to see a coffin at a home

twilight - cosway? and the members will sell it to earn commission?

music - thanks? for the info on coffin? hehe

18 November, 2009 00:13  

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