Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Request Made to Reduce Coverage on Auditor-General's Report

There you go ............ as predicted. The Auditor-General's annual report has opened up so many cans that are full of worms in it and a MP,Datuk Wira Ahmad Hamzah, from the ruling party is now suggesting to reduce the media coverage that the annual report is getting now.

Reasons given -
* gives a very bad impression and it is meloyakan (nauseating)
* embarrassing perception which would cause our competitiveness to drop

Trying to cover up something?

The people who caused all this bad impression and embarrassing situations didn't even think of such as long as someone's pocket is filled. And this MP is worried about it instead.

If it was done right from the beginning, we need not come to this stage of shameful reporting. Anyhow, all these years, there were no improvements being made despite many shocking revelations that were exposed.

But that doesn't mean we should just keep it behind closed doors. We still need to publicise such deplorable actions by the respective federal / state government departments. This report is meant for the public's consumption as taxpayers have the right to know how their tax contributions are being managed.

As for this MP, I really wonder about his knowledge on an audit exercise. He said that the auditors should also "teach” and “guide” especially for those who might have done wrong.

Hello MP, if those people had committed those acts, they should be sacked or jailed if any criminal offence existed. The auditors' job is not to teach or guide people.

This MP suggested that prior to the release of the annual report to the public, the auditors should have asked the department head to explain on those irregularities. What if those department head took ages to respond? Wait till the cow comes home?

He also questioned on who should audit the auditors. So, whistle blowers are always the guilty parties, not those who committed the 'sin'.

I think he's very ignorant of what an audit is all about but yet he brought this topic up in the parliament.

Reading: Parliament: 'Filter AG’s report' - Star
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