Sunday, October 04, 2009

Earthquake Shook My Office Building

Last Wednesday's late afternoon, around 6.15pm, I was still in my office trying to touch up some loose end for a document before going off. I was leaning towards my work area and looking at the laptop closely.

My boss came out from his room asking a general question "Did you feel it?". "Feel what" was my response.

He said that the building could be moving. At that of time, I relaxed and leaned onto my chair. Then I felt the chair swaying left to right and vice versa.

I said "I felt it now!"

Straightaway, I moved to the pantry area and looked at the construction site for "The Intermark", an on-going development that is taking place where once the Yow Chuan Plaza stood.

Noticed no work is being carried out and thus, the building wasn't affected by the construction activities. Wasted no time and shut down laptop, moved out as fast as possible. I took the second lift that stopped at our floor. No time to think of running down the steps from 31st floor.

The idea of an earthquake struck me but with the construction activities just adjacent to our 58 storey Vista Tower (formerly known as Empire Tower), we doubted the safety of the building.

Upon reaching ground floor, the security personnel requested us to run instead of walking. Maannnnnnnnnnnnn, what tension!

Upon reaching outside, lots of people were already gathered. Security personnel moved us further away standing just next to the busy Jalan Tun Razak.

One thing I noticed, there wasn't any alarm at all to warn us. It was all phone calls that got us down.

Later on, another colleague from another floor did mention that alarm was sounded but when he got down, so many people had evacuated the building long before him.

As I walked further away, I noticed that the construction workers actually evacuated the whole area much faster than we had evacuated our building.

Two of my colleagues (in this pict) still have time to pose for this shot.

What happened to the alarm and the PA system?

We heard from someone that a person who came down earlier saw our office building swaying.

That's ridiculous. If that had happened, the building would have collapsed. That person ought to go for eye check-up. Or was actually too frightened from the swaying effect.

A colleague of mine who stayed back most of the days felt very relieved. He said that he won't feel guilty in leaving for home at 6.30pm hahahaha. Off he went.

Some colleagues can't go home at all. Reason - their cars are still in the office building.

Well, I parked far far away ....... just next to the BMW showroom. When I walked till the BMW showroom, I noticed the workers at this 4 storey building had also ran down in wake of the strong shake ................... confirmed it was an earthquake.

Reached home and a colleague updated me that an earthquake tragedy struck Padang, Indonesia with a richter scale of 7.6. That's awfully high.
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Blogger Borneo Falcon said...

Wonder if Malaysian buildings can withstand minor quake or not. I believe this feature was not incorporated during the construction process

05 October, 2009 08:25  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

What a frightening moment for those who felt the earthquake. Luckily I did not feel it this time here in my high rise building. The last one few years back where there was a tsunami got me dizzy and things falling down from my table.

05 October, 2009 13:36  
Anonymous Dora said...

Earthquake seems happen quite frequent lately... That was frightening! Guess I'll run down quickly too if I still in the former office... Glad nothing serious in M'sia.

06 October, 2009 19:51  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

borneo - u are very correct on that point

jasmine - tat was frightening indeed and i felt it in my condo

dora - its a good practise to evacuate

15 October, 2009 20:32  

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