Monday, October 12, 2009

Barred From Leaving Malaysia

Recently, there were some Malaysians that were barred from leaving Malaysia. Who are they? Wanted criminals? Tax evaders?

It seems that the Inland Revenue Board (IRB) and the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) are conducting such checks in collaboration with the Immigration Dept and managed to catch up with many income tax and loan defaulters.

Those badly affected were Malaysia Airlines employees who have to travel frequently in their line of duty. It was affecting the cabin crews and can you imagine that you are trying to board your plane (or report for duty in the airplane) and you were stopped at the Immigration check point.

The last minute replacement crew would have been rushed from somewhere to replace that crew that was barred from leaving Malaysia.

In a way, I can't pity such people as they have a duty to settle their income tax or loans. If you have taxes or loans to be paid, do pay first because you are obliged to do so. It could also be a chicken and egg story where a cabin crew needs to 'fly' to earn their income in order to pay for the taxes or loans.

Unfortunately, I have also heard from someone that even though you had made payments to PTPTN, the people working there were slow in updating the files. In due time, info on bad loan accounts were sent to the Immigration Dept to nab such culprits.

In this case, I agree that income tax defaulters/evaders should be barred for they were supposed to pay taxes based on preceding year's income. They have earned the income but failed to remit the required amount. It's their bad financial management then. They chose to default.

Some are really innocent. Some acted as if they were innocent. Why did it happen in the first place? It happened because these people took it for granted.

The Malaysian Airlines System Employees' Union (MASEU) is calling for a review on the travel ban on income tax and study loan defaulters. What for? To protect people who flout the laws?

Unless these staff had agreed on settlement plans with IRB or PTPTN in advance, they should barred. Well, you were barred because you failed to do something properly. Whose fault in the first place?

If it was IRB or PTPTN that didn't update their files even though settlement agreements/payments were made, then we should get those fellas in IRB or PTPTN to compensate for the loss of income of those that were barred from travelling for no reasons. Fair?

It works in both ways, cannot be just penalising the defaulters but also the bad performers.

Reading: MAS employees want review of travel ban on tax, loan defaulters - Star
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Blogger MiChi said...

pay tax also not right... as we know our leader will use those money "properly"... don't pay tax also not right.... sigh!

12 October, 2009 12:37  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Review for what?...making these defaulters paid up on time with a better option?

12 October, 2009 13:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

michi - hahaha .... forced to pay, isn't it?

jasmine - i don't agree with the review too

21 October, 2009 22:49  

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