Thursday, November 16, 2006

The In-Laws - movie review

The In-Laws - Michael Douglas, Albert Brooks & Candice Bergen. This is indeed one of those better movies but was surprised that I missed this movie. It started when 2 future father-in-laws for their son/daugther came involved in a government investigation. The FBI were hot on their tails. Michael was an undercover CIA agent and Albert was your ordinary medical doctor majoring in foot/ankle (podiatrist). As Albert somehow bumped into Michael's secret stuff, Michael got no choice but to force Albert to go along with his plans. They "took" a jet to France to meet an international arm smuggler on the day of their children's wedding party.

Albert tried to expose Michael to the US authorities. FBI agents were given a run around going after 2 of them. Towards the end, Albert realised that Michael was truly macho in his fight against arm smugglers on his own. This is a hilarious movie which is not to be missed at all. I was sleepy watching an earlier show on TV until this came on. Even though it was a 2003 show but the storyline was not out of date at all.



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