Sunday, November 19, 2006

World Toilet Day 2006

yeah it's today and you are not supposed to use the toilet on the auspicious day....hahaha

well, i supposed the special day was organised to bring awareness on the importance of hygiene in toilet whether public or private (more so public). The organisation bringing such things up is 'flushed' with ideas on sanitation.
World Toilet Organisation (WTO - don't get mixed up with World Trade Organisation) has just organised a ........
World Toilet Expo & Forum 2006, from 16-18 November 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Next in line is the World Toilet Summit & Expo 2006 which is being held by the Russian Toilet Association in Moscow, Russia today itself to discuss on topics listed here (source: Poop Report).

This is big shitty business, may I say. If you think you are hygienic enough, try this Game and see how you fare in toilet cleanliness.

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