Friday, November 10, 2006

World RPS (Rock Paper Scissors)

Think rock, paper, scissors is a children's game? Think again. Top players from around the globe will gather in Toronto this weekend (11 & 12 Nov) to compete for a C$10,000 (4,636 pounds) prize and the title of world champion. More than 500 contestants, including national champions from Australia, Norway and New Zealand, are expected to attend.
Players smack their fists into their palms and count to three before making one of three hand signals: a fist (rock), flat hand (paper) or two fingers (scissors). Paper covers rock, scissors cut paper and rock breaks scissors. Before you think you can participate you may need to know the Advance RPS too.

The Paper Scissors Stone Club was founded in England in 1842 and provided an environment free from the long arm of the law where enthusiasts could come together and play for honour, according to the World RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) Society. I should have concentrated on this simple game (but rewarding now) from day one and aim for the championship annually... tsk tsk... BUT I have to unlearn what I knew as the Malaysia's version is slightly different. Only the rock is the same but we have the bird and water instead of the scissors and paper - a fist (rock), flat hand (water) or five fingers stick together (bird). Rock will sink in water, bird drinks water and rock kills bird. I think I can set-up my own world championship now......

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