Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sony Playstation 3

Sony has released its latest games gadget called "Playstation 3" in Japan yesterday. Only 100,000 units so far and more will be produced by March 2007. Electronics stores in Japan have sold out of PlayStation 3 consoles after thousands of gamers queued for hours in the cold to buy them.
400,000 units will be available for the US launch on 17 November 2006. The PlayStation 3 (PS3) is being sold in two configurations. The more expensive version has a 60GB hard drive and wi-fi on board and costs, in Japan, 60,000 yen (£270). The cheaper version has a 20GB hard drive, lacks the wi-fi and will cost 49,980 yen (£222). European prices are expected to be higher than direct comparisons suggest.

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Blogger Random J said...

That PS3 launch was a joke. I couldn't believe how few units Sony had. They were better off delaying the console until at least January.

I guess it's win-win though. The hype surrounding all the mad queues of hundreds of people and the fact the console is completely sold out in Japan will make people want it even more.

15 November, 2006 09:23  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

it's called marketing strategy. what if they flood the market with it and the demand was not there.

05 June, 2008 19:39  

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