Tuesday, November 21, 2006

World's Largest Church @ South Korea

Yoido Full Gospel Church, founded on 18 May 1958, has the world's largest congregation of Christians in a single church situated at Yoido, western Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. It's founder pastor, Rev. David Cho Yong-gi (biography), through God's calling has led a tremendous Christian growth in the country.
Today the church is attended by an estimated 750,000 members with 11 worship services in the main building throughout the week. The church organisation has 527 pastors with 100,113 leaders supporting them.

Yoido Full Gospel Church, has named Rev. Lee Young-hoon as the successor to its current pastor and founder Cho Yong-gi. Lee, who is currently the pastor of the Full Gospel Church's Los Angeles, California chapter, won 435 of the 933 votes cast by church officials in a closed-door vote at the church's headquarters in Yoido on Sunday. Lee, 52, will take over the congregation in 2009 after receiving a two-year apprenticeship from Cho, whose pastorate will then officially come to an end.



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