Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Interior Decoration

This is a seemingly trivial domestic incident in Hong Kong, but I found it interesting because it took me a while to figure why the fight was inevitable. Everything can be explained through the floor plan of the re-decorated apartment. A couple lived there, but they have been estranged (but not yet divorced) due to infidelity on the part of the husband (namely, he has a mistress in mainland China). The apartment is in a public housing estate, although the husband has a reported wealth of HK$100 million and could probably live in much better style.

However, the husband believes that his good fortunes were due to the fengshui in this apartment and therefore he continues to live there. Due to the estrangement, the couple live in separate rooms. The husband lives in room A while the wife lives in room E. Previously, both shared the living room (D), the bathroom (C) and the kitchen (B). The wife has her own living room (F). There is an entrance area (G) right behind the front door.

The husband then initiated interior decoration project #1. He hired a contractor to seal the door from Room E to the living room, restroom and kitchen. The wife was mad, but she could not make the contractor stop.

So the wife then initiated interior decoration project #2. She hired a contractor to seal the door from the entrance area G to areas A, B, C, D. So this means that the husband has no access to his own room. Furthermore, nobody had access to the living room, restroom or kitchen.
As said, the fight was inevitable with their children taking different sides. The police was summoned and they came and hauled everyone down to the police station. (source: ZoneEuropa)

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