Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gadgets Used for Muscle Toning

When I was not travelling from mid 2007 to mid 2008, I joined a gym. Thereafter, didn't renew the membership as I knew I would be travelling frequently.

When in Sudan, we are just not willing to sign up for the gym membership as it was too expensive in our opinion. Could easily end up paying more than RM200 per month here.

What's our alternatives then? Bright ideas from colleagues. They took some industrial nuts and bolts and did some taping on it and out came our own dumb bells.

Really proud of it.

You could say that this might be an enlarged picture.
Proof that this dumb bell is really large and heavy. It more than three times the length of my big watch.

Don't know the weight but easily more than 10kg per dumb bell as it's solid metal.
Spare dumb bells ................... those days there were lots of us staying together. These dumb bells were being transferred from one room to another.

Nowadays, I'm the only one still using it for my muscle toning. At times, lazy to do it. A gym is still a better place, anytime.

Want to bring back to Malaysia also cannot, as it will be definitely overweight.
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Blogger cikgu said...

as the saying goes, If you want it, you'll get it. That is an innovation and who says to tone up you have to subscribe to a gym.

07 July, 2009 22:49  
Blogger bZbee said...

my frugal dad made us one...just fill up the pipe besi with cement and seal it..then but oversized nut bolts to add weight.....and there goes our dumbell ..not so dumb i must say....

08 July, 2009 06:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cikgu - u can't do anything else in the gym but to exercise. at home, too many distractions, no discipline

bzbee - that's a good and tough dumbell indeed

09 July, 2009 02:05  

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