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Weird DBKL Ruling

Got the key to my new house and had thought of extending the 1st floor (back portion of the house). Just found out that according to the DBKL local council plans, the 1st floor wall cannot be less than 10 feet from the middle point of the back lane (as shown in the pic below).
Asked a friend of mine on the rationale of it and he said it's due to fire safety. But I told him that I could still do the full extension provided I submit my application with an architect's drawings. So, what's the fire safety issue all about? If I follow DBKL's plan I cannot extend but submit architect's plan, I can extend ??!?!?!?!?!?! Weird, isn't it?

When I told the DBKL officer that that my new house's backlane is about 10 feet to 12 feet wide, the officer said that in order for me to extend the 1st floor and still meet DBKL's ruling, my backlane has to be at least 20 feet wide. Where in the world that you can find a backlane that's 20 feet wide nowadays. It's already a bonus to find a backlane of 10 feet wide.

Do you know what? Many of those houses at my area have extended just what I have intended fully .......... without getting DBKL's approval. Now, will DBKL pay them an annual visit to penalise them or ask for 'something' in order to close an eye or ask the houseowners to tear down those illegal extension or submit architect's plans and pay penalty for breaching the rules?

There goes my planning. Have to abandon the idea of 1st floor back extension due to time constraint. Reason is because I have to source for an architect, get new drawings done, expensive fees, submission of plans to DBKL, approval which may take a minimum of 3 months (if lucky and they don't try to be funny with us) ..... just too much to handle.

I checked with a professional structural engineer and he confirmed that many of DBKL, MPSJ and MPPJ's extension plans / guidelines are different from the standard national Uniform By-Law 1984 . He said that each local council has their own rules / guidelines, each department within the local council has their own stuff again and when it comes to the last line of officers, they have their own individual understanding or interpretation ................. what nonsense! When will we progress as a nation like that?

When you check DBKL's website, the plan for the 1st floor extension therein is different from the pre-approved plan that you can obtain from DBKL counter. Tell me about consistency.

I have just gotten the DBKL approval for my backyard extension (ground floor) and front main door extension. Just can't wait to get back to KL to finalise the renovation ideas with the renovation contractor and negotiate on the costs of doing so. Will be hiring an Interior Designer ("ID") at the same time. This ID lady will be my project manager and could monitor / co-ordinate my renovation / interior design works when I'm travelling overseas.

Target to move in by end of the year.
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Anonymous iriene said...

Hi, tks for ur comment.
Yea, talk about consistency...
even our education syllabus, language used also not consistent-lah! :P
Wow, going to renovate.. I so "kancheong" oredi!
Remember to keep posting on your hse extension and the final by end of year with photos, tks! :D

04 July, 2009 09:15  
Anonymous Jemsen said...

Travelling overseas??? Take care & take precaution..
Where r u going, when u r back.. do share some travelling tips, experience & overseas jokes,.. lol

04 July, 2009 09:16  
Blogger foongpc said...

I don't think DBKL will check unless someone reports about it to them.

04 July, 2009 11:38  
Anonymous Dora said...

When "something" is given into the pocket of DBKL, everything seems easily get approved. I supposed architect usually will get this done for you too but this architect must be trustworthy or else, it can be exorbitant!

04 July, 2009 17:43  
Blogger TZ said...

Dude, r u renovate your house like the sudanese house :) Just joking ...

hmmm.... u should ask the DBKL officer to make a rules that all developers in the future must make the backlane 20m instead of the current ... :p

Anyway, after the reno... don't forget to take some pictures to show us :)

05 July, 2009 13:46  
Blogger MiChi said...

Malaysia boleh mah...! good or bad, they are all boleh... but they are more boleh in putting money in their pocket

05 July, 2009 14:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

iriene - why u kancheong????

jemsen - i do share my experiences whenever i can via blog

foong - dbkl did pay a visit nowadays for new applicants like me. they want to ensure that i was not one of those that build first then only apply

dora - i'm not saying give 'something' to get it approved but rather do they do something that was built without proper approvals

tz - hahaha .... i'll faint if they do it sudanese way.

next time ask dbkl? next time i'll build a bungalow hehehe

michi - lol!!! not all are like that

05 July, 2009 16:38  
Anonymous iriene said...

Hi, it's me again! I "kancheong" coz
I used to receive email on tycoon mansion like YTL home, Indian tycoon (Metel - can't get the right spelling but u know who)... all is so fascinating. Since u r in this building industry, u definitely have very creative yet practical idea..

On Disneyland HK, i posted the photos late (by 3 yrs) coz I only start blogging on 30/3/09.. still less than "setahun jagung" :)

Btw, u got plenty of ads, clicked all for u oredi.. :D

05 July, 2009 20:36  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

iriene - my home is not as big as those that u have mentioned but i do wish for it also haha

thks on the clicking. how nice of u

07 July, 2009 22:29  
Blogger bZbee said...

all these home made office rules sure put their image and integrity lower than a vogok(local dialect) sty....just hope that these disease wont come spreading to Land below the Wind....sure got hurricane if they did...
it's not easy for you being overseas and have to deal with their problem from far.

08 July, 2009 07:12  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

bzbee - got hurricane somemore?? hehe

09 July, 2009 02:09  

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