Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malaysian School Band Took World No.1

Malaysian newspapers are being used by the government in propaganda news and not many has picked up news that are really encouraging to the whole nation.

A group of students from Victoria Institution in Kuala Lumpur went through many challenges in winning the world's grand prize, that is the grand prize at the World Band Challenge 2009 that was held in Modena, Italy about two weeks back.

Didn't know about it?

Congrats to the 90 members of the cadet corps band and the headmistress, Pn. Azizah Othman, for bringing some positive stuff back to the land that is going boinkers.

Their victory is not just pure luck.

On many occasions, I have heard of many comments from Malaysians that some people are rich because they were lucky. Some say that they won that competition because they were lucky in having better players.

People who are successful have went through many hardships, challenges, commitments, practises, arguments, sicknesses, objections or ridicules but they hanged on.

To this group of 90 band members, I salute you!

Reading: VI school band world's best - New Straits Times
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