Friday, July 03, 2009

No Future With Future Graduates

What is Malaysia's future with the graduates from local universities joining the workforce in the future?

After reading the following news you judge it for yourself:-

- Lecturer sacked because she failed students
Islamic Science University of Malaysia has decided to sack a lecturer after she has failed to give sympathy marks to a number of her students. Those students failed of course. The university thinks that with that number of failures, news will get out that the university is lousy and can't produce graduates and this might affect future student applications.

In this case, passing such students even though they don't deserve it is practically telling all the university students that you don't have to work for it as you'll be presented whether you deserve it or not.

Will this help the students in the future? Definitely not! The university couldn't care less about their future but more of its own future or reputation to survive the competitive education industry.

- Lecturer demands for sex & money for passing marks
A lecturer took advantage on a master's degree student by telling her that if you want to pass your papers, you have to sleep with me.

When that proposal failed, he requested for money instead, RM800. Is that lecturer really that desperate for money?

What if the student has agreed on the sex proposal or the money? The student would be passed on that basis but not on merit instead. What does it hold for Malaysia's future workforce then?

The good news is that the student reported it to the authorities and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission has brought the lecturer in for questioning.

Have a good guess which private university is it in Cyberjaya? There are three located within that vicinity.

Reading: Out goes the lecturer - Star
Reading: MACC nabs lecturer who demanded sex and money to pass students - Star
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Blogger MiChi said...

Malaysia boleh~~! regardless good or bad... but seems like better in corruption nowadays.

04 July, 2009 23:58  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

michi - corruption can happen in many forms and hopefully people will learn not to take advantage of those with "lesser voice"

05 July, 2009 16:17  

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