Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Observations at Man Utd Match

Can't watch the first match due to body system breakdown after coming back from overseas. As Manchester United was staying in put in KL for a few more days, another match was arranged last minute. Yahooooooo at least can watch.

Was sick on that Monday but forced myself and drove over to the Bukit Jalil football stadium at 3pm and bought the tickets. Two counters were opened at the green ticket area and only five persons in front of me.

At first, I thought of giving up after reading the Monday Star newspaper that showed a long queue on Sunday afternoon where fans queued for long long time to purchase their tickets. Well, never try never know. So, I was rewarded.

When I reached home, I was planning on the route to the stadium. Seremban highway - out! Through Sri Petaling - out! From Puchong - out! I have to squeeze through an unknown route (not known to many) that is via OUG to Bukit Jalil via Vista Komanwel condos. I parked there and walked slowly for about fifteen minutes to the stadium. No jams.

Reached the stadium car park compound at 7.15pm and it was already full ...... knew it. When I was there at 3pm plus to buy the tickets, people are already hanging around the entrance gate and cars were streaming into the car park. Beat that.

The atmosphere there was fantastic ...... all red and not only ladies prefer red nowadays. There are exceptions hehe.

Lots of people were still queueing up for the tickets to the re-match. Bought mine at RM58, a steal from Saturday's match ticket prices.

Even the police joined in the atmosphere of feeling red. They sent their riot police squads in red trucks and buses.

Got a seat the second tier of the stadium. First tier went to those fellas that were at the entrance gate at 3pm plus. They must have been burnt by then.

Manchester United's Asia Tour 2009 being shown on the screen.

This was the crowd at 7.30pm. Already half full.

The Malaysian national team players came out first for their warm up and they received a great applause from the fans.

But when this Man Utd team just came out from the tunnel, the stadium almost came down with the thunderous greeting from the fans.

When the team acknowledged the crowd, the crowd went wild.

Man Utd going through their usual warm up for a match. Seen warming up were three referees for the match, dressed in red track suits.

While both teams were warming up, the crowd got themselves excited by doing the Mexican wave.

By 8.45pm, both teams came out with loud cheers from all supporters. At long last, my butt was getting upset with me for sitting so long on a hardened plastic chair.

Only one guy in front was smoking away, he was happy, but others frowned at him because lots brought their kids along. Very inconsiderate. I saw many smokers actually got out from their seats to walk up further for their ciggy but not this fella.

Kick-off at almost 9pm after the Crown Prince of Pahang state and Sir Bobby Charlton were introduced to the football players.

At one point, I noticed that the reporters/cameramen were all crowded at Malaysia's goal area. Why ah?

When I turned to the opposing's goal area, even the goalie was missing.

He backtracked a short while when Malaysia started to attack but it didn't work out. Maybe that's why the lesser number of reporters/cameramen on this side of the field. Must be boring for them.

At the end of the match, you'll be thankful that you have parked far away from the stadium. At 7.15pm, there were lots of parking attendants directing the cars here and there.

After the match, all the attendants disappeared totally leaving the poor car owners struggling to get out of the car park compound.

There were more than a dozen of other lines cutting into this line of cars trying to leave the car park. It took me a slow fifteen minutes walk and another ten minutes to reach home.

I wonder what time did the last driver got home? Hopefully he won't get into trouble with his wife which happened to another guy in the first match held on Saturday, when he reached home at 2am. What happened? He got stabbed!

Another eight years to wait before Man Utd comes round this corner of the earth? Or I'll be at Old Trafford witnessing it from its stand?
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Anonymous Cebu Attractions said...

looks like you have a lots of interesting photos in here
just enjoy seeing it
Cebu Attractions

29 July, 2009 22:54  
Blogger Rosse said...

unknown route (not known to many) that is via OUG to Bukit Jalil via Vista Komanwel condos - now that you post this it will be known to many already ..:-)

30 July, 2009 15:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cebu - thks. its my observation at times

rosse - i seldom go to the stadium and man utd only came twice in 8 yrs. i expected someone to mention this and u did

31 July, 2009 14:26  

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