Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hanging On to Malaysian Politics

Posted by Hannah Yeoh, the state assemblywoman for Subang Jaya:-

So many people have been telling me just how frustrated they are with the current political situation in our country. Some have told me that they regretted voting for change because of the political instability now and would prefer returning to their old style of voting - vote for stability and forget about having a stronger opposition and greater check and balance. I shudder at the thought of this!

One needs to remember the reason why we are seeing such great resistance for change is simply because there is much to lose for those who have been in power for so long. For decades there has been so much abuse of power, unchecked misuse of public funds and plain dirty corruption. With a stronger opposition now, they stand to lose their illegal sources of income and some may even be charged and sent to prison if they are found guilty.

With this in mind, they will fight at all costs to reclaim back power and to ensure they can continue to steal public funds from the people for their own enrichment. We are not just dealing with differences in politics; we are combating evil forces who will not rest till they secure back their powers and illegal sources of income.

Sometimes I feel equally frustrated and disillusioned about the political situation too. Sometimes I lie awake thinking of how to effect change in this land. Some days I cry while driving in between meetings thinking of what's left for the future generation in this land if we give up now.

I have endured much verbal attack from political enemies, accusation after accusation of me not doing anything for my constituents and etc. No one truly understands the resistance we face daily in discharging our duties except for my fellow PR assemblymen.

Robert Kennedy once said ‘*Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator and change has its enemies.*’ Our enemies are resisting change but we must stand firm and continue to push for a competent, accountable and transparent government.

At the end of each day, as I lay myself to sleep, I ask God for strength, wisdom and protection to face the next. I look forward to the end of the term when I can tell the people of Subang Jaya that I have remained clean and have not stolen any of the taxpayers' funds.

As reminded by Raja Petra in his blog "*Please continue your struggle to make Malaysia a better place for our future generation. This country belongs to them and it is for them that we struggle.*" All hope is not lost. Come the next election, vote out the corrupt once and for all. Hang in there supporters and friends, the best is yet to come!
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Blogger Convivialdingo said...

Excellent post!

"Where the law of the majority ceases to be acknowledged, there government ends, the law of the strongest takes its place, and life and property are his who can take them." --Thomas Jefferson to Annapolis Citizens, 1809. ME 16:337

16 July, 2009 13:25  
Blogger Alex Madina said...

i hope to see many BN MPs will lose in the next general election.

17 July, 2009 19:52  
Blogger Kev said...

Elizabeth Wong and Hannah are two of the strongest women that Malaysian could ever have. Even their male counterparts could be put to shame!

It's hard for the opposition to look for chance. Someone will put a stop and they'll do so in whatever filthy means they can.

That's what Malaysian politics has got into. After 51 years, it's not getting more mature, it's falling far behind. Even Indonesia whom we used to laugh at is (I believe) better now.

18 July, 2009 13:00  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

conviv - hopefully that will be heard and understood in m'sia

alex - if pr fellas are not careful with their internal bickering, many of them may lose as well

kev - that's m'sia. always hit themselves in the end

21 July, 2009 02:00  

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