Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Surviving in KL

Back in KL after a tiring long flight from Khartoum to KL. Checked into airport at 6pm after a meeting for my 7.20pm flight. At the meeting, I was able to log in to check in online - thanks to technology.

The Emirates flight was not full and I got a seat at the back of the plane with nobody on the same row with me i.e. two other empty seats on my left. But it was spoilt by the food tray in front of me. It kept falling down as the hook was loose and couldn't keep the food tray at its place. When the plane shakes a bit, the food tray will fall ..... have to stuff some newspapers at the pouch in front to stop it from falling. Disturbed me for four hours and in between watched Race to Witch Mountain movie.

When I arrived at the Dubai Airport, it's the usual of buying those pistachios and cashew nuts, my favourites. Hurried to the Emirates Lounge for my meal ..... nice meal definitely. A transit time of almost three hours wasn't that long since I was occupied by food ... hehe

The long flight of seven hours from Dubai to KL was occupied by three movies, Jerusalema, 12 Rounds and 17 Again. All are recommended movies to catch but I don't think Jerusalema will be shown in Malaysian cinemas owing to its violence. Good thing they have movies on board otherwise I'll be bored to death.

Reached KL at 2.20pm and reached home around 4pm. Here goes my jet lag issue again. I had dinner early and knocked off by 8pm plus but I woke up at 3am ...... very unfortunate indeed!

No point rolling on the bed and I got up looking at those contractors' quotations again. Reading those favourite websites again and time flies. Went out for breakfast about 7am plus and spent or waste my time at the mamak stall savouring my teh tarik and roti telur.

By noon, I went to check my new house and found that the developer has fixed most of the defects. Glad to see that.

On the same night, I knocked off early by 9pm plus but woke up again at 3am plus ..... what is this?????

To make things worse, I got flu and sore throat. H1N1 or swine flu as requested by our Ministry of Information??????? Went to see doctor and hoping for a 1 week quarantine hehhehehehhe but that was not to be. Just normal running nose.

Was tired upon eating those medications but I held on in taking a nap, hoping for a real knock down effect by night time. By 10pm plus, I couldn't tahan anymore and went to bed at last. 4am .... 4am. That was the time on the clock. I'm awake again. My my my.

Skipped church on Sunday morning as I know I was too tired and do not want to frighten people with my sneezing and so on. In case of anyone catching the H1N1 in church, I would not be the culprit then.

Looking at the last three days, I made a mistake in holding to my sleep when I was tired. I was trying to stay awake during day and sleep during night. But this worked against me. I should have slept when I was tired no matter what the time was as I was still having a break. It's Monday night now and I'm still having that flu coupled with bad 'heatiness' within my body due to insufficient sleep. Got to see doctor again during the afternoon and got two days of MC for me to rest on Tuesday as well.

Didn't meet any friends at all in the last few days as I just want to rest.

Need to recover by Tuesday evening in order to report at office on Wed morning .........
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Blogger foongpc said...

You were hoping to get the H1N1 so that you can have 1 week quarantine? OMG! haha!

I hate long flights in the plane. can't stand it!!

22 July, 2009 23:29  
Blogger Medie007 said...

get well soon

23 July, 2009 13:17  
Anonymous Dora said...

Glad that u r not having swine flu! Frequent overseas trip really makes one tired. Rest well & hope speedy recovery. Cheers :-)

23 July, 2009 16:23  
Anonymous Janee Martin said...

A great post dude. I appreciate the insight. I think that home renovations may be an actual growth area in the future.

24 July, 2009 20:23  
Blogger your "Health Assistant" said...

nice blog get well soon!

24 July, 2009 23:34  

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