Saturday, August 01, 2009

Crazy Saturday Traffic

Was required to be at PJ Old Town this morning by 10.30am. When I got to the roads within my Taman Desa garden, I found that the traffic was a bit too heavy. The next thought that came was "don't tell me the roadblocks caused the traffic to overflow into my garden area?".

Very true indeed!

The moment I exit Taman Desa heading to PJ via Old Klang Road ("OKR"), the opposite traffic heading to KL was totally chaotic. My way of traffic going to PJ was also caught in it. How come? Traffic coming out from Kuchai Lama, United Garden and OUG into OKR stopped in the middle of the traffic junction causing cars heading to PJ unable to move across. Oh my ......

As my car crawled slowly heading to PJ Old Town, I noticed a police roadblock on the opposite traffic just after the Taman Sentosa traffic light junction. No cars were being stopped for suspicious characters.

In Malaysia or maybe in KL only???? the traffic on my side will slow down to see what's going on on the other side of the road. It was smooth right after I managed to turn right into Jalan Othman from OKR .... phew .... it took me almost one hour.

By the time I have to leave PJ Old Town, I headed back to the Jalan Othman roundabout. The traffic jam started from the town itself with no sight of the roundabout ...... my my. All because of that same road block. By the time I passed the roadblock, six police personnel just stood there beautifully (female police) and handsomely ....... no cars were stopped for suspicious characters too.

From there, I need to head to Happy Garden. Traffic was smooth till the OUG traffic light junction. Still as chaotic. Traffic heading down to KL literally stops right after this traffic light junction. My assignment done by 11am plus. Now to head back to Taman Desa. Few roads to take.

Exit via OUG traffic - out!
Exit via Pearl Point - out!

Exit via Kuchai Lama - the jam started from within Happy Garden itself right from the morning market area so - out too!

Exit via Kuchai Entrepreneurs' Park - I took the new uphill road to this area thinking it could be smooth ....... nope, the traffic jam started from the flats area - out!

Turned into the flats area and connected with the new road that is parallel with the new Putrajaya highway ..... yeah I'm smart I'm smart. No jam no jam all the way to the traffic light. I can connect to the Salak South highway and then up to the Federal Highway from there.

The moment I turned into the highway heading to Federal Highway, the jam started from there. How did the jam end up here??????????

It took me about twenty five minutes to turn into Taman Desa area.

Heard from friends about their experiences in other police roadblocks.

My conclusion on this police roadblocks - the police personnel were not looking for thieves or robbers today but are occupied with their best efforts in trying to identify common people who wants to go to the city centre to join the pro or anti ISA campaign.

Were the roadblocks successful? Total failure as news reported that up to 20,000 people managed to gather in the city centre causing total road closure. The roadblocks caused hundreds of thousands of people to be stuck for no reason when the people they intended to stop are already inside the city centre.

Did the police stop all the commuter trains, the LRT and public buses heading into the city centre? The roadblocks only delayed people heading into various places but it didn't manage to stop people from gathering for the campaign.

This is really crazy!
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Blogger TZ said...

How many millions of dollar that these blockz have cost us... How much petrol consumption that wasted coz of the blocks? just don't talk about the tax payer money to pay the police to get the roadblock up... :(

Moreover, how much inconvenience the blockz to the citizen of KL...


02 August, 2009 05:43  
Blogger Akira said...

Fuh, I've narrowly escaped from this crazy traffic. I'd planned to go to MV yesterday, and that's to go the adventurous way by bus. hahah

02 August, 2009 22:37  
Blogger Blackie007 said... hubby was one of the motorists that contributed to the high traffic in Taman Desa.

He was on his way back from Cyberjaya, and all the major and alternative roads to Kepong were closed. He had to detour to Taman Desa.

He then went to OUG, took the Kesas Highway, then cut out to the LDP to return to Kepong. Took him 6 hours in total, from Cyberjaya to Kepong!! :(

03 August, 2009 21:22  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - happenings in the city centre but roadblocks ard kl and pj where there are no protestors haha

akira - if u were in mv the whole day then u were smart

blackie - 6 hrs???? that's really crazy. i actually tried to avoid goin out knowing the situation

07 August, 2009 11:18  

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