Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fancy Winning a Bentley or Lambo?

Dubai airport's Dubai Duty Free section is really good with their promotion of getting travellers in buying the raffles tickets. Two thousand tickets on sale at 500 Dirham ..... a one in how many chance???

Imagine your grand prize is either a Bentley Continental Flying Spur or .....

..... a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560.

How not to be tempted when you see such prestige car models. No, I wasn't tempted.

Only one reason - a general Malaysian citizen will not be able to fork the enough money to pay for all those import taxes and other crazy duties to bring this car back to Malaysia if I do win it.

It was not easy to take this picture without anyone interrupting. It was so eye catching and grabbing everyone's attention.

I will usually get a seat way back the plane for my Dubai-Khartoum or Khartoum-Dubai flights. The plane is normally not full and I'll choose the row where there are three seats.

You'll normally get the whole three seats to yourself. Seldom sleep either but the comfort of having nobody next to you coupled with the armrest is priceless.

Moreover the plane's so-called kitchen is usually located at the back of the plane. No, not that I can chit chat with the pretty stewardesses but I can get my non-stop flow of drinks throughout the flight. Sipping your favourite drinks while watching a movie ................ back home, I won't get such luxury time to enjoy as such.

Not sure how long will I be in Khartoum for this trip but me and another colleague brought along more than a dozen DVD movies to watch.
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Anonymous Dora said...

Oh gosh...nice cars!

20 August, 2009 08:55  
Blogger A Common Singaporean said...

And not to mention the prancing horse and the Porsche. Everybody loves them, everybody sane.

Some chaps are BS-ing me these wondrous machines do nothing to their heartbeats. I wonder?

I drove up to a car workshop the other day, a Bently Continental GT was parked right in the garage. I almost melt into foam. The ride belongs to the boss of the workshop apparently. Geez, how do owners of mini workshops afford them really!!?

21 August, 2009 18:01  
Blogger mabelebam said...

woohoo...Lamborghini! hmm...wonder whether there's a hope of one of those dropping from the sky and landing in my front yard...


21 August, 2009 20:39  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

dora - i waited for people to move away after taking pics to capture mine

singaporean - how did u know it belongs to the workshop owner? it cld be his client's car hehe.

i prefer aston martin and prancing horse (in that order)

mabelebam - just keep that dream inside yr heart. u cld be near it in future

22 August, 2009 07:13  

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