Wednesday, August 12, 2009

PTAs Asking For Status Quo

Parents are voicing out now since they knew that their kids' PTAs could be used as an official channel to request the gahmen or the Ministry of Education to allow their kids' schools to remain status quo, i.e. to teach the Mathematics and Science subjects in the English language instead of reversing it back to the Malay language.

What to do? The gahmen went ahead without consulting the parents at schools. They are the ones that should be consulted but who cares about them. That's the gahmen that some have voted for and I hope that those voters are not the same people that are voting for the two subjects to be taught in English language now.

As PAGE has highlighted a possible avenue for PTAs to voice out their preferences, which was the school'one school did it via a PTA EGM as written in a previous blogpost.

Another school tried to do the same but was not that fortunate. The school authority of SMK Seri Hartamas managed to lock the school and bar those parents from entering the school premise to conduct the PTA meeting. The parents were adamant about the vote and it was conducted outside the school premise where majority of the parents that responded (more than 90%) voted for status quo.

The heat is picking ........ Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister apologised in a press conference saying that the parents or teachers shouldn't have been barred from entering the school to convene a PTA meeting.

On the other hand, the education ministry’s director-general Alimuddin Mohd Dom, has other feelings about it. Reason given - the PTA was not allowed to convene an EGM as its agenda to discuss the PPSMI policy placed the school’s teachers in a tight spot.

Now, more of the schools' PTAs are joining in .......... they are from SMK St Francis, SMK Gajah Berang, SMK Tinggi St David, SMK Canossa Convent, SMK Infant Jesus Convent, SM Catholic, SMJK Tinggi Cina, AM Yok Bin, SMK Tun Tuah, SM Pulau Sebang, Sekolah Tinggi Methodist Melaka and SMK (P) Methodist Melaka.

Is the gahmen or the education ministry doing anything about those requests? Or turn a deaf ear?

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