Thursday, August 20, 2009

Respectful Public Title of Datuk

There is a myth about people in Malaysia having the opportunity to buy the public title of Datukship or even Tan Sri if you have the right connection with either the state government or federal government.

Why is such title so important? Such public title will place you high in the eyes of the public where such title holders are usually well to do people, having done lots of stuff that have benefitted the nation/state or did some extraordinary stuff while representing the nation/state's name.

Nevertheless, some people do deserve such title.

Some may abuse such title to further achieve their selfish ambitions or to enable them to carry out immoral / unlawful acts without being questioned or detected easily.

Reading the Star newspaper reports - Five Ah Long ‘kings’ nabbed and Datuk faces death penalty for drug trafficking, two persons with the public title of Datuk have been implicated.

I wonder when were these two Datuks been bestowed with the public title, before they became involved in such notorious crimes or when they were already involved in it? And which state government granted this public title to them? Or was it even the federal government? No personal profile checkings before issuing such high public titles to them?

It made such public title to be of no value if more Datuks are implicated in various crimes. Or is the myth real after all?
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Blogger savante said...

Obviously lotsa idiotic folks desperate for such prestige :P

21 August, 2009 13:05  
Blogger Nux V said...

nowadays, there are jst too many datuks around! valueless title!

21 August, 2009 14:34  
Blogger A Common Singaporean said...

And so is the case with bought "Masters" and "PHD"?

Everybody loves a little status don't they.

21 August, 2009 18:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

savante - not that idiotic also lah as it requires a brilliant to think of such scam hehe

nux v - haha, so u will reject it if being awarded?

singaporean - havent come to that yet but its thru that it happens in m'sia as well

22 August, 2009 07:18  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

This is a true story that happened in a Penang wet market. One Malay man was looking for a cheap fish which looks similar to Ikan Kembong. The fish monger replied him that unavailable fish is so cheap but very rare to catch now. Look around here, you will see more Datuks and Datins than this fish. I was dumbfounded but it tickled my ribs.

22 August, 2009 09:21  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - one stone's throw and u cld hit a datuk or datin in kl? hehe

27 August, 2009 20:38  
Blogger kenwooi said...

gotta agree with you..
the title has lost its meaning.. =)

14 October, 2009 23:29  
Blogger LaLa said...

hahaha..people nowadays do charity not because they wanted to do it, but it's because they want something else for example for the title 'Datuk'. I don't know why some people are so proud with the title Datuk.

14 October, 2009 23:45  
Blogger Kennee said...

Biasa la... people all want nama...

15 October, 2009 02:11  
Blogger Lexus said...

Ptuuuii...!!! foot. All no class titles. Got $$$ Datuk. If not, how are the sultans going to fuel their lifestyles. Don't beleive me...ah? When any sultan's birthday comes, be in line to 'sponsor' his b/day and your 'Latukship' is ready for pickup. I lost count of how many 'Datuks & Latuks' I had screwed in the face for bad payment...Ptuuii....Latuk. When I get grandchildren, I will be officially a 'Datuk' Beat it...beat it..pssst..BTW, ever did screw up any 'Datuk' in the face b4?

02 November, 2009 07:27  

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