Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sim Card Malfunctioned - Whose Fault?

Replaced my mobile's sim card just last week at Maxis Centre located at Menara Maxis. The sim card just got KO on its own without warning. For almost five days, I was hoping for it to return back to normal and trying to arrange for a time to go to a Maxis Centre to check on the sim card.

It was unbearable with your sim card giving you problem. After work, off to Maxis Centre and approach the Hotlink counter after filling in a form.

Staff: May I help you sir?
Me: I think my sim card is not functioning at all. This is the message I'll get on my screen. (showing him the mobile screen)
Staff: Let me check your info first. I think your card has been issued for quite some time back.
Me: Yeah, maybe two years ago.
Staff: Time to change. Have you filled in the form to request for a sim card replacement?
Me: Yes!
Staff: RM10 is required for the sim card replacement.
Me: Why do I have to pay? It's your sim card that malfunctioned.
Staff: The sim card has been in used for so long. Various reasons could have contributed to it. Say the method of charging your mobile phone, sim card was not taken care of, your mobile's circuit may have caused the damage or someone could have mishandled your sim card.
Me: The sim card has an expiry date? Still it's your sim card that malfunctioned.
Staff: That's the company policy sir!

In my mind at that point of time, he has named more faults of mine than I could of his. So, he won? I'm the guilty party since all those reasons could have contributed to the demise of my sim card.

Why can't Maxis take the blame? Another sim card of mine from another telco has been working well for almost ten years now.

It's not the RM10 that I'm so attached to but it's more of a principal.
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Blogger TZ said...

hmmm... who's fault? Where were you? Which country are you in? If you are in Malaysia, no question ask... YOUR FAULT...

Otherwise you might have chance to argue... blek!

14 August, 2009 01:24  
Anonymous jam said...

Luckily I do not face similar SIM card problem as yours. Tell you what, I am also using Hotlink!

14 August, 2009 10:07  
Blogger Arvin said...

Digi .....they will follow you......mine Digi..i think like 8 years with it so click on ur nuffnang u click on my nuffnag...we both be rich

15 August, 2009 22:06  
Anonymous Dora said...

Yeah I guess this is the trend now where no more "customer is always right" but "customer to be blamed first"...

16 August, 2009 10:25  
Blogger Jason Law said...

You don't need to pay if you are using DiGi. That's quite ridiculous asking for the payment...

16 August, 2009 23:47  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

There's no free lunch these days! Once a tycoon told me that it's okay to break his antique dinner plates at home otherwise there will be no repeat orders for his factory. His words has lived in my head for 20 years.

17 August, 2009 13:03  
Blogger Blackie007 said...

That's so unfair! But somehow I'm not surprised. This is how the big companies operate in M'sia.

18 August, 2009 21:34  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - in my own home ground and i don't stand a chance?

jam - precisely what i'm trying to say. how can yrs be functioning and mine's not

arvin - its not so much of which provider but more so of the quality provided

dora - oh yes, that's when customers dont have much choices

jason - really? that's a good service then

twilight - that cld be hundreds of dollars for that order. this is just 10

blackie - squeeze u as u can? hehe

19 August, 2009 23:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're making easy money this way. Last month it was my husband's sim card. This month it is mine. There is a queue at maxis support centre, everyone with the same problem.


27 January, 2010 15:30  

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