Monday, June 29, 2009

Airlines' Weird Ways

Ryanair, the Irish low cost carrier, is on with their game to surprise more air travellers. Recently, I had blogged about Ryanair having proposed to charge air travellers for the usage of air plane's toilets.

In time to come, their air stewardess may not need to explain to you on the air safety procedures but if you still want to find out, you would be required to pay £2.50 to read their safety card.

The safety card will show you how to put on the oxygen mask. At the same time, the safety card will teach you where to insert the money in order for the oxygen mask to drop down for your usage. The usage of the oxygen mask will cost you £1.00.

Please bear mind that after reading this blogpost, you are requested to carry small change when you board a flight with Ryanair. Just in case ...... just in case.

One last thing, Ryanair will need to charge you during emergency exit. You see, you would have to use their rubber chute to slide down or a rubber dinghy if it lands on water (provided the plane doesn't break into pieces of course).

Pay £25 and the crew member will allow you to exit through the emergency exit door. What's £25 compare to the value of your life at stake.

Over the PA system, you may get to hear this announcement - "Thank you for travelling with Ryanair and we hope that you'll bring enough cash for your next travel with us".

Ain't this great. Before you leave this blogpost angrily, you have to read this piece of news - Ryanair's prize for weirdest money-making idea.

Not all airlines are looking forward to squeeze your hard earned out from your pockets.

One US airline, Southwest Airlines, put up some money to re-decorate one of the planes with a bikini-clad model. Some passengers called it soft porn.

Southwest Airlines is going all out to lure air passengers to use their airlines. By the way, when you are inside the plane, how are you going to view that bikini-clad lady which is painted on the outside.

Maybe you can view it while waiting at the boarding gate while the plane is having a re-fueling time??!?!?!!?
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Blogger Twilight Zone said...

LOL.... You pulling my both legs!!! ha ha ha!

29 June, 2009 15:09  
Blogger Medie007 said...

Ryanair wanna kill all the stingy passangers who refuse to pay for the emergency exit. :P

29 June, 2009 16:07  
Blogger vincent said...

another ways to gt extra money LOL

29 June, 2009 19:40  
Blogger foongpc said...

Haha! Nobody will board Ryanair anymore : )

30 June, 2009 02:02  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - i did?

medie - make sure u are not a stingy fella then

vincent - more to come haha

foong - more airlines will follow?

30 June, 2009 02:46  

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