Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paintball to be Outlawed?

I have at least two or three friends who are really into the paintball game. I have tried it once albeit a lame one hahahaha. We were supplied with water pump guns only. It was a large area catered for their so called war games at a beach resort located at Rompin/Lanjut beach area.

That was my only exposure to it. The closest I have ever been near it is witnessing the people playing the game itself near my place of stay.

Gathered from my friends that this game is really expensive and you could spend a minimum of RM100 per game which also depends on how long you intend to play.

I would say that the game is still new in Malaysia and that it's too expensive to reach the mass.

For Germans, they better play the game fast as they may not be able to get their hands on those high adrenalin pressured guns in time to come. The German government is proposing that the paintball be banned in Germany.

Why? Reason - simulate killing on the grounds that they trivialise and encourage violence.

Recent shootings in Germany caused many innocents to be killed. The ease of obtaining guns / weapons has prompted such call for a ban that may even include paintball.

Reading: Germany moves to outlaw paintball - BBC News/Europe
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Blogger sky said...

wuhuuu..they'd better try it fast before it's being rmeoved form the healthy sport list.
not that i am really into paintball, but apart from the pain, it does really encourage teamwork and leadership practise.

16 June, 2009 07:50  
Blogger cikgu said...

being a paintball player myself, I find more positive effects than negative. I don't see how by playing paintball, it encourages one to go out on the street and start violence. It will be a bad move for recreation and extreme sport in Germany if the game is banned. However, the German legislative is still undecided about banning it.

16 June, 2009 09:04  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I agree that while playing the paintball, I had this nasty "wanna kill" my enemy feelings using the almost real gun. The worst part is that the bullet marks on my body has become permanent ugly scars!!!!!! Even the most expensive creams could not remove the scars. I will blog about my scars next time.

16 June, 2009 10:24  
Blogger savante said...

Depends on the personality of the players I guess. Like almost anything, it can go bad in the wrong hands. :)

That said, I love paintball.

16 June, 2009 14:48  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

sky - its a different ball game altogether. just like how i like the pc game called counterstrike till today

cikgu - it depends on individual situation here. as a whole, paintball is good but to some individuals (its always one or two blacksheeps) it may give a negative effect

twilight - that 'wanna kill' is yr passion to win the game. i have that sort of passion in whatever game i indulge in

savante - yeah, i agree with yr statement

25 June, 2009 00:45  
Anonymous Mapmuse said...

Thanks for sharing your information about paintball and your blog is really nice-looking.

02 September, 2009 17:59  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mapmuse - thks for droppin by

05 September, 2009 01:48  

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