Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weird Stuff in Airports

The last trip back to KL, I was hunting for some food as it was past midnight and the stomach was growling.

Saw this cafe by the name of Paul and right across it ...... was Starbucks.

Starbucks or Paul?

Took a picture of the 'little forest that was located in between Starbucks and Paul while thinking what to eat.

Ended up at Paul's as I can frequent Starbucks in KL. I asked the waiter at Paul's on which food is good and his response was ????

"All is nice, Sir". Can't they be a bit more precise. I guessed I'm the first customer to have ask that question. So I re-phrased my question, "To you personally, which is a better choice".

As we were standing in front of a stretch of food, his hand just waved across that stretch ...... "all this is nice, Sir". A bit of wasting my saliva.

Looks like I'm the one who has to be more specific ..... "Is this one nice?". He answered "Yes Sir". Hmmmmm bingo. And I pointed to another food item in which I asked the same question "Is this one nice?". His answered ..... "Yes, it's nice Sir". There you are. Back to square one.

Last question this time. "Is this apple at the top?" to which he answered "Yes, Sir". Great, I'll have that apple stuff on top of the some sort of pie. I don't really like the taste in the end as personally, I found that the apple was not fresh. This pie with a Vanilla milkshake cost me around RM36.

While on the way to Khartoum this time, I hopped in the business lounge at KLIA and saw this wonderfully decorated food item. It was chick pea in pink sauce. Taste weird.

Then tried the Japanese soft cheesecake with three slices of strawberries. Too soft actually and the cheese wasn't really there ........

Then I saw grapes and this is without seeds. My favourite indeed. Lazy to find those tiny weeny seeds when you want to chew and swallow fast. Red grapes too? Those were tomatoes actually.

When I arrived in Dubai for transit, they put me into a room which was considered big that came with two single beds.

The small little building in front of my hotel ..... the one with lots of reflective glasses all around and an advertising signboard on top of it .... that's actually an air-conditioned bus stop.

Too hot to wait for a bus stop in an open air environment so the government takes care of that and provides comfort to bus passengers.

The gigantic lift system in Dubai airport. Always admire the engineering capability of this lift system.

That's how big is one lift carriage itself, with two doors.

The astonishing part - the Fujitec could fit in 120 persons that weighs up to a total of 9,000 kg. Beat that!
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Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I wonder if "Paul" is a global franchise outlet? Nowadays the food decorations looked nice but your eyebrows would squint after sinking your teeth in. The baking standard has dropped somehow. I enjoy your foreign updates!

28 June, 2009 07:36  
Blogger sky said...

i dont trust nice looking food...usyally the plain-janes tastes lots better.

28 June, 2009 13:19  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - dunno abt that paul thingy. maybe their other food items are nice but was not well introduced to it

sky - u'll never know. i'm willing to try on food that i have not seen or tasted b4

28 June, 2009 22:44  
Blogger EliteVillain said...

err that apple on top thingy...i dun think i'll ever choose that when i see it next time....RM 36 leh OMG just apple+pie!! that pie is abalone inside...

29 June, 2009 01:03  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

elite - that rm36 is for both the apple pie plus vanilla milkshake

30 June, 2009 02:29  

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