Saturday, June 13, 2009

Dare You Say Your Wife's Ugly

I think all married Malaysian ladies must be very happy if they knew about this piece of news.

In protecting a lady's fragile emotional heart ........ there's a new law being proposed under the Domestic Violence Act 1994 .................. if you dare tell your wife that she's ugly, then you are dead (not as in physical though).

WOOOOOOOOOW!!! What act is this? Yeah, you don't need to touch them. Just by opening your big mouth will get you into trouble with the law.

When you lift your hand and hit a woman, it's called physical abuse.
When you open your mouth and say the word 'ugly', it's called emotional violence.

The proposed amendment to the act has not been tabled at the parliament yet but those husbands who normally do address your wife as an ugly person, beware!!!!! Is there any similar act around this world?

So, those husbands, you can still escape the brunt at the moment ........... but don't say you have not been warned.

As for the ugly wives (only if you think you are one), I'm sure the government has brightened up your day and days to come.

In the future, if your husband challenges you ........... you dare them "You think I'm ugly???????? I dare you to say it out!!!!!"

Just before you dare them, organise lah ..... some of your friends to take pictures, some to video shoot the whole scene, some to record the man's voice. But please don't forget, your husband may end up in jail.

Reading: Calling your wife ugly may become offence - Star
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

whoah!! i dont read the paper 2day. but this one is waaay too much la ! hahahaha...

my opinion btw !

13 June, 2009 03:26  
Blogger Ted said...

Hmm...if u say to your wife 'that dress makes u ugly'...does it count?

13 June, 2009 13:37  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

This is a good one, men should be stop in some ways from abusing their wives. Mental and emotional torture is just as harmful as physical abuse.

13 June, 2009 16:49  
Blogger A Common Singaporean said...

But is one's wife is really ugly... I mean she's got an unflattering appearance, and you point finger at her calling her ugly, is that also an offence? Even though one is merely stating the truth? Just curious.

Eitherhow, no one should ever call their wife ugly.

14 June, 2009 10:39  
Anonymous sollee said...

OMG...why do you have to say that to your wife?...or to your husband?...maybe let's just orient our couples about emotional violence...

14 June, 2009 20:23  
Blogger Blackie007 said...

hahaha!!!!! The last part where you recommended making a big production out of daring the husband to call the wife ugly made me laugh out loud. :D

16 June, 2009 10:26  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

abanglong - hahaha ... u must be married!

ted - let's see u trying it first and have yr wife make a report on it. i guess the judge must be confused also

jasmine - that's a strong statement but i agree with u also

singaporean - there'll be people over doing such things and that cld be the main reason why this act came about

sollee - when one's angry, any words cld be released but one shld be careful on the consequences now

blackie - some humour lah

25 June, 2009 00:28  
Blogger Clarisse Teagen said...

Finally. The patriarchy system doesn't look after the women especially in this country

12 July, 2009 14:39  

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