Thursday, June 25, 2009

Improved Security in Khartoum Base

We got this two German Sheperds to be our guard dogs since the day our house was broken into.

They were just cute little puppies a month ago. A month later when I dropped in again, this two little fellas have grown a lot.

A month ago, it was nothing for them to just gnare at my fingers as I knew they were playing. Their teeth have grown much bigger and sharper now ...... hehe

This is Kujo. We are still waiting for his ears to stand up straight being a German Sheperd breed.

It was not easy trying to capture this shot as they were so playful.

This is Leo.

Their naughty moments, trying to bite each other.

The moment I squat down to take a better picture, they will start running towards me and I have to stand up fast because they can jump on you easily now.

I remembered that I was chasing them around the house garden the last time. The scenario changed this afternoon. As I started running away from them, they came running after me.

We were just saying that in two months time, we will have two strong dogs in our house that we may be even afraid of walking into our garden area.
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Blogger Rosse said...

They are so cute!Kujo's ear looks funny though.

Mame sure they recognize you otherwise they will try to bite next time.

25 June, 2009 09:53  
Blogger Medie007 said...

nice dog! funny ear though. :D

25 June, 2009 13:41  
Anonymous Dora said...

Cute little German Sheperd! Puppies are just like babies, grow up very fast just in a blink of eyes!

25 June, 2009 15:28  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

rosse - that was the reason i let them gnare slightly at my fingers in order for them to remember me

medie007 - hahaha, that ear always made us laugh

dora - oh yeah

25 June, 2009 17:44  
Blogger EliteVillain said...

i've been wanting to have dogs as my pet...but my parent won't allow me to do so yet... its good to see them guard the doors

26 June, 2009 02:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

elite - pet and guard dogs are 2 different things

28 June, 2009 22:17  

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