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Berserk Mom Slapped Another Student

This incident occurred at the SK Bukit Damansara in Kuala Lumpur on May 20. A boy of the 1 Kreatif class was slapped by an adult woman aged 35 who accused him of bullying her son and being ‘too tough' in class. The victim is the assistant class monitor.

The attacker who is also a mother to a child in the same class had barged into the class and slapped this assistant class monitor, leaving marks and a scratch. This happened right after recess (during the morning session of schooling), after the science teacher had just entered the classroom.

Not only that, this mother kept pushing the boy repeatedly while throwing out foul words at him, all this in front of the teacher and the rest of the class. Despite the boy's cries of ‘I'm sorry, I'm sorry', the mother didn't stop.

Even the class teacher was yelled at. Questions like, ‘Who the hell are you to tell that my son is stupid?', ‘Where is the pig Azraai?', ‘Hey, f _ _ _ _ _ _ , why you bully my son?' were flying freely about the class.

In the end, this assistant class monitor was assaulted and left crying and this mother who had entered freely the school's property during school hours eventually left without feeling any guilt for what she had done.

The assistant class monitor then told his father later what happened, after being very quiet in the car. No one from the school called the injured party's mom or dad. His mother had to find out from another parent.

The next day, some parents gathered at the school gate and talked about what happened and on the next course of action that should be taken.

1. The victim's mom made a police report, wrote letters to the school with copies extended to the ministry of education seeking an explanation, She then met the relevant teachers regarding the matter

2. A few parents, including victim's mom, met with the ‘guru besar' and a few teachers over this ‘sensitive issue' (so termed by the teachers).

3. The husband of the attacker went to the school on May 21 to complain that someone had taken a photo of his son. This without knowing what his wife had done the day before.

4. The attacker then apologised to the victim's mom via an SMS on May 22 but not before verbally abusing her on May 21 from 1:30pm to 2pm

5. The school claims that they have issued a ban on the attacker and she is only allowed in with written permission from the headmaster.

6. The police are crawling with the investigation. The investigating officer says that they have not closed the file and that we can proceed with the civil suit. The police have asked the victim's parents to settle the issue with the school.

7. It was also made known that the attacker made a police report stating that her son was being bullied by boys from 1Kreatif class and that she had earlier went to the school to complain about the victim kicking and hurting her son, while another male classmate, Azraai was also accused of hiding the victim's school bag.

The pressing issue now is that a minor has been assaulted by an adult, in public, witnessed by teachers and students. The school was irresponsible in not informing the boy's parents of the incident or taking any action against the adult. Parents are left frustrated.

This assistant class monitor is only seven years old. All of them in the class are also seven years old. They are boys and they play and fight all the time in class, at home, everywhere. They are sent to school to learn how to live, play, accept, learn and adapt to other children.

Now an assault has taken place, it has become just one of the many police reports, it's just a statistic. We parents are not happy and do not regard this matter as resolved.

There has not been any arrest on the charges of trespassing and assault and parents are only told that the issue is still under investigation by the education ministry.

The above article was extracted from Malaysiakini's website.

I would say that this lady is surely some big shot's wife. Only people who knew that they have strong back-ups dare to do such things. Otherwise, this berserk mom would have been arrested much much earlier.

What if another parent came into the school and slap her son instead? If she had done this because her son was just being kicked at .......... my my ....... if another parent did slap his son, I'm sure your guess is as good as mine.

Such behaviour is not due to work or life pressure but it's a bully mindset.

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Blogger Twilight Zone said...

Oh what a bitch attacker! I thought she must have been jinxed or rusuk hantu. Well you are not wrong with your wild guesses.

16 June, 2009 23:40  
Blogger bZbee said...

eh..how come race was out of the question?? sensitive arr??...oh ya..lupa...1 Malaysia..one kickpunchslapcursebully mom...

actually this can be sorted out...by training your own kids to choose their friends at a very young age..young as in...able to distinguish friends or foe...

so far..my 10 yr old has been doing this since kindy years....observe the bully ones..and stay faaarrrr away...keep the kind ones near you....(easier said than done though)

17 June, 2009 12:43  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - kids learn what their parents do

bzbee - no point bringing the race issue up bcuz be it any race, such act is terrible esp done right in front of other kids. what does it tell?

25 June, 2009 00:51  
Blogger Jackson Foong said...

Lucky i wasnt attacked when i am in primary school. You know... I use to push other classmates fight with friends and punched some fellas...

12 July, 2009 23:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

jackson - wait till u hear my story hehehehe

14 July, 2009 19:22  

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