Monday, June 01, 2009

Latest Recruits for Office Security

Well, the residence that we guys occupy was burglarised recently (just before I was there). The burglars came between 5am to 6.30am. One of the guys woke up early and went downstairs (which is our office) to send some emails back to KL colleagues.

The burglars climbed up with the help of some cables up to our balcony. The best thing is just right in front of the balcony, our house caretaker was sleeping guarding the garden compound.
Footsteps seen on the balcony floor (we don't open this door at all or clean this spot and the dust collected on the balcony was a good give away). They managed to break in by breaking the door knob.
There were four rooms upstairs. One was a temporary storeroom. One bedroom has no occupant. Another bedroom was occupied but the door needs a good push to open it so we presumed the burglars might have thought it was locked from inside.

The remaining room was occupied by the colleague who went downstairs and another fella who was in deep sleep. They went into the room and took his two mobiles (one of it was a iphone touch) and some money from his wallet that was on a table. The other colleague (who was downstairs) lost some money that was taken from his wallet too.

We suspect that due to the dust that was stucked on their shoes or feet (maybe one was not wearing anything as they saw footprints with toes on the floor), the burglars walked downstairs. Maybe they were suprised with a colleague who was working downstairs and they escaped via the balcony again. Good thing that someone was downstairs because if there weren't anyone there, a few laptops would be gone as well.

Because of this security breach, the colleague who slept in the 'locked' room decided to beef up the house security. Too expensive to install house alarms. One of their intelligent ideas was to recruit additional security.

We got two original breed of the German Sheperds. When I heard that, I was saying that even the house occupants could be at risk of being bitten (especially when I arrive).
Then I found out that it was only two little fellas. My my my .......... I really laughed out loud. If the burglars were to come back again, I hope they won't take away my two German Sheperds away. The one of the left is Leo and the other one is Kujo.

Managed to get them to remember my smell in my recent trip to Sudan. I would say that Leo is the 'cuter' puppy. They are about three months old now. Both are brothers and their mom was a former police dog. We source for the best hehehe ........

Guys, what does their father works as? Police dog too?
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Blogger Rosse said...

the mother was a former police dog the father i think just like the puppies have to work as security guard..hehe

Lucky the fellow didn't get bashed up on the head huh..come to think of it whats the thief do to their victims here.

02 June, 2009 10:27  
Blogger fufu said...

wow scary!!! anyway be careful ya...

02 June, 2009 21:10  
Blogger Blackie007 said...

Wow!! I can see your security is really beefed up now. muahahaha!!!

But I love the little fellas. Soooooo cute!!!! I wanna hug them! :)

03 June, 2009 15:53  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

rosse - hahahhaha. yeah good thing the burglars didnt harm my colleagues then

fufu - we got an additional gate for that balcony door now

blackie - yeah, i laughed when i saw their size hahahaa

06 June, 2009 23:04  

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