Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rapid Train Crashed in Kuala Lumpur

This accident has now been recorded in the Malaysia Book of Records for being the first Light Rail Transit ("LRT") accident in Malaysia (LRT is only found in Kuala Lumpur).

A manned LRT can crash into another LRT which has stopped further in front at another LRT station. Time of accident - 6.30pm, which was still very bright. This is incredible!

Six poor souls were injured in the mishap. That operator in that train, if found to be reckless, should be penalised as if he was driving a car / bus. Otherwise there is no law against them besides being reprimanded by his employer, RapidKL. Will they tell us the truth?

Although RapidKL did provide buses from the Bandar Tasik Selatan station to the last three stations, affected passengers who would have alighted at the three remaining stations still have to pay for the bus services even though they were holding the monthly travel pass. No refund? And the bus was packed like sardines as experienced by a victim, Vialentino.

Our Malaysian Transport Minister said that immediate attention and treatment was provided as the injured passengers were brought to hospital. Somehow he was caught by his words again. Politicians!

Noticed that the picture is already showing us a night scene which was definitely way past 7.30pm. Mr. Minister, I think it's better that you wait for the investigation report before you say anything else.

Reading: Six injured in LRT accident - Star (source of pics too)
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Blogger TZ said...

The two train kissing ... how could the train kissing in the public ... so obscene :-p

25 September, 2008 22:34  
Blogger Va:L said...

no wonder yesterday so jam!
the traffic was so bad....

25 September, 2008 23:58  
Blogger eiling lim said...

Even LRT also can crash! LOL Malaysia Boleh!

26 September, 2008 08:53  
Blogger Unknown said...

haiz...that MALAYSIA...
any impossible thing would be happen in MALAYSIA...
MALAYSIA really BOLEH one...

some more they did not have any precaution plan if those happen >_>
my colleague stucked at bandar tasik selatan there for 1hours plus and she said there were no bus at all as they claimed...

they really got money brain...what ever situation, money come first...

I doubt

26 September, 2008 09:16  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tz - LOL!

min hui - crash up there on the lrt track but traffic jam on the roads ????

eiling - boleh, sure boleh

nkw@i - as for precaution plans, it will be implemented right after this incident. no experience ma

26 September, 2008 16:45  
Blogger foongpc said...

I'm really surprised by this. I never thought LRT trains can crash since I thought there's a mechanism to always keep the train apart from each other at a certain interval. Well, they better find out what's the cause or else I won't want to board another LRT again, not that I really sit LRT a lot : )

27 September, 2008 00:45  
Blogger Va:L said...

hm...I bet got ppls rush there to pick up their relatives/friends ba?
Then kay poh ler?

Then some might take taxi/buses, coz heard LRT langgar!

27 September, 2008 00:49  
Blogger vertigoblack said...

I can imagine the Putra people jeering at their LRT counterparts right now

27 September, 2008 00:51  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - until now they have not released the accident report. does it need so long to investigate?

min hui - cld imagine the chaotic scenario for those passengers too

vertigo - there's no more putra or star .... it's all under one company now

04 October, 2008 02:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The operator was pretty drunk when that happened. He had a couple rum on rock, a shot of martini and two beers before heading to work. The bar tender refuse to serve him further because he mention his shift is still two hr away.

25 June, 2009 01:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anon - how did u verify that info?

25 June, 2009 03:54  

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