Monday, September 15, 2008

Try Forgetting Your Identity Card Number

Every single Malaysian, from the age of twelve years old onwards, is supposed to have an identity card which will state your fullname, an identity card number, residential address, date of birth, your sex and religion (for some).

When a police stops you at any authorised police check points, they could ask you for your identity card to verify who you are. If you don't have it, congratulations. For you will be questioned even more. Better make sure your explanations are good enough or else you will be thrown into jail.

A local lady was dealt with that when she couldn't even remember her identity card number and she was thrown into Kajang prison and subsequently ended up at the Lenggeng immigration depot, suspected for being a illegal Sri Lankan immigrant instead.

These are some of the police personnel you have right here in Malaysia coupled with the immigration fellas. She was held from Oct 2007 till this month. Her inability to remember the number and to speak the local malay language caused her to be holed up.

When a non-governmental organisation worker saw her situation, the NGO did a check with the National Registration Department and verified she was indeed a Malaysian. All this within one day. Really sick of these people who were involved in her case for not being humane at all in checking further. They could have gotten a person who could speak her language to understand her plight.

Reading: Inability to establish Rajeshvari ID baffling - Star
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Blogger foongpc said...

OMG! What if I have amnesia and I don't have my IC with me? Am I going to be thrown into jail? Just because the authorities are too lazy to check? Or too incompetent? What if nobody check? What if the NGO didn't know about it? Will I languish in jail forever?

15 September, 2008 13:07  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - yr questions are all valid

16 September, 2008 08:58  
Blogger TNH said...

that's a pity of her..luckily she being release now..if they check further..many extra work can be save up and the women also won't be hold

29 September, 2008 13:43  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

tnh - more than pity. its pure negligence and failure in their line of duty

29 September, 2008 17:45  

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