Monday, September 01, 2008

Wealth of European Football Clubs

Not all European football clubs are as wealthy as Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, Chelsea, AC Milan or Inter Milan. Most football clubs are unable to match the funds found in the bottomless pit that these few mentioned clubs have.

No matter what, existing football still have to fight for their survival in the respective leagues. The Board of Directors of each football club will stretch their means in getting the right players in order to for the club to perform better and thus, getting promotion and hope to alleviate their tight financial situation.

In Romania, a second division club, UT Arad, wasn't able to negotiate for cash payment for their defender, Marius Cioara. All UT Arad could get from the other club, a fourth division club, Regal Horia, was just 15 kilograms of meat. The best thing is that Marius Cioara somehow went back on his decision to play for Regal Horia.

I don't know what sort of contract Marius has signed off but he has decided to change his career. He's flying off to Spain not to play for another football club but to find a job in agriculture or construction industry.

Now, Regal Horiato is really in deep problem. They are without the player they have signed and lost their one week supply for food for the team. Will those six top European teams I mentioned earlier face such a situation? That's the vast difference found in European clubs.

Reading: Romanian player sold for a chunk of meat - ESPN Soccernet
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