Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your Dung Could Be Commercialised

Do you know that your dung / shit / human waste/ biosolids (look at that number of names) could be commercialised? Yeah, the shit that you poo-poo for the umpteenth years could make you rich.

The city of San Antonio in USA has found out that their residents could produce 140,000 tonnes of dung / shit / human waste/ biosolids a year.

After some research, the city's water system’s board of trustees found out that such useless thingy could actually generate income more than what you could have thought of. Such useless thingy could actually produce a by-product called methane gas.

From that 140,000 tonnes a year, it could generate 1.5 million cubic feet of methane gas per day. It doesn't stop there, this gas could be used to fuel furnaces, power plants and other combustion-based generators. My ... my .. what a discovery.

So, the city appointed Ameresco Inc to design, engineer, permit, construct, own, operate, manage and maintain the gas conditioning and distribution facility and the pipelines necessary to transfer and sell the gas to commercial natural gas pipelines. This is what I call innovation and creativity. Create something out of nothing that would have been flushed away down the sewerage system way out to the sea ............................. oops!

Now I have to start collecting my stuff ............ daily. Want to contribute? Joint-venture at the very least? It's a good venture as the price could be as high as US$9.00 per cubic feet.

After collecting it, need to find a safe place to keep it as smelling too much of your dung / shit / human waste/ biosolids could actually kill you besides making you rich - reading: Two kids among five killed by methane gas - MSNBC.

Reading: Ameresco Executes Historic Renewable Energy Contract
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

*couldn't stop laughing after reading this post!*

oh dear, i am so going to be rich soon!!! I have lots of droppings to collect each day & night by my kids!! On top of that, i have another 2 fat males at home who just so love to eat & shit each day.... Hey, i wanna join venture with u and start making money! lol.....

25 September, 2008 11:56  
Blogger Va:L said...

ha...I am having fibre, which helped me to be productive!

Where am I supposed to sell?

25 September, 2008 14:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

cazzy - good la. like this also can find biz partners .... 3 cheers to that

min hui - wow, you are producing higher grade products. you will earn more ..... i have to start eating some better food too

25 September, 2008 14:55  

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