Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 English Clubs To Sue Man Utd

When you fail, you blame someone else and sue them in the process for causing your own failure. This will be the highest calling of blaming other people.

The media has hyped that three relegation threatened English Premier League clubs, notably Middlesborough, Newcastle, Sunderland are reported to be doing that. For one whole football 2008/09 season, they have 38 league matches to play. With one match left, two of this three teams could be relegated if they fail to win their last match.

But what has it got to do with Man Utd?

Man Utd is scheduled to play Hull City, another relegation threatened team. In that case, why should you worry when the champion is surely going to beat a lowly team. The thing is Man Utd may not play with their top players who are being safe for the coming Champions League Final on 27 May 2009.

If Man Utd fails to beat Hull City, it may cause two of the said three clubs to be relegated as Hull City's points and goal difference are slightly better.

The said three clubs, as mentioned by the media, may sue Man Utd if they fail to field a full-strength team which is a requirement in accordance with the English Premier League law.

I always believe in this following story:-

I have a good news and a bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear?

The good news first ........

The good news is your future is in your hands.

What about the bad news then?

The bad news is your future is in your hands.

It goes to say that your future / destiny is in your hands and you can't blame others if you fail to do anything about it.

By the way, the football chiefs of the respective three English clubs have denied involvement of court proceedings and that such news were created by the media to boost their sales.

Whom do you believe?

Reading: Relegation-threatened trio dismiss Man Utd suit - Soccernet
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Blogger fufu said...

though i am not big soccer fan but totally agree we could decide our own future/destiny...

21 May, 2009 09:42  
Blogger Ted said...

HEHEHEHEH....very interesting indeed.

21 May, 2009 10:05  
Blogger foongpc said...

That's interesting! Well, blaming others for our own failures are nothing new. It happens all the time. But when you blame others, you are in fact saying that other people have power over you, that you are a victim and you are not responsible for your own life.

21 May, 2009 19:29  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

fufu - its our decisions or choices taken that has brought us to where we are right now

ted - haha ... u need good judges who are former footballers to decide this?

foong - your last few words are correct ... we have to be responsible for where we are right now

22 May, 2009 22:47  

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