Friday, May 15, 2009

Are Fish Spas Clean?

Have you been to a fish spa before? I have seen one in Mid Valley itself and seems to be packed with customers.

Never been to one before but I rather go to a spa which has a full body massage. To me, this fish spa is on a different method and it has a certain element of health, in the sense removing your dead skin.

Somehow, things didn't turn up well for some as they patronise those fish spas. Unfortunately, it didn't go too well for two sisters in Singapore.

After a spa session with the 'fish doctors', they eventually need to see a real medical doctor as their legs had turned reddish, itchy and blotchy. This continued even after a week and further medical reference was required.

They have been told that they have been infected by fungal. The sisters went back to claim their medical fees and a return of the money spent in their previous fish spa session.

The fish spa owner has said that both the customers have signed the indemnity form that mentioned "the fish spa holds no responsibility for any ailments that arises after treatment".

What kind of indemnity is that? If there's nothing to be afraid of or that the fish spa is clean, such indemnity is not required at all.

In the end, common sense prevails. Consumer Association of Singapore said that indemnity could not be applied here and that the shop owner was trying escape from responsibility and liabilities caused.

That's one good reason that I don't go to a fish spa. It was mentioned that water is changed every two to three days ......... yucks.

At least a proper spa changes its bed covers after every customer.

Though the water might be clean, it's the same fish that is sucking and nibbling away ........ yucks.

Reading: Spa ordered to stop using fish treatment - East Valley Tribune
A nail & spa salon has been instructed to stop the fish treatment over health concerns.

Reading: Ban on Feet-Nibbling Fish Leaves Nail Salons on the Hook - Wall Street Journal
Cosmetology (first time seeing this word. would have simply assumed that they are experts those cosmet found in space hehehe) regulators insisted that fish pedicures are unsanitary.

How did the fish spa industry first started?
An old Turkish legend about a shepherd who injured his foot and stuck it into a hot spring teeming with small fish. The foot healed. Word spread. A treatment center for skin ailments grew around the springs near the Turkish town of Kangal. From Turkey, the practice spread throughout Asia, employing garra rufa, toe-size carp that live in warm water, have no teeth and, according to those in the business, like to suck off dead skin.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think fish spas are ok (reputable ones) but just don't eat the fish! Hahha....but then again, I don't think those fish are edible anyway. It would be so gross eating fish that has nibbled on dead skin.

15 May, 2009 08:41  
Blogger foongpc said...

I find fish spa to be unhygienic, so I never ever go try one before! Anyway, what's so fun immersing your legs in water and let fishes nibble away your dead skin?

Like you said, better go for massage! So much better and worth the money! : )

15 May, 2009 11:10  
Blogger Blackie007 said...

I have never dared to try fish spa before for the simple reason that it looks yucky. Imagine, the customers are not required to wash their feet first. They just stick their dirty feet into the water.

To me, a fish spa is equivalent to stepping inside a bath that someone has just used....imagine what 'benefits' you get from bathing in dirty water. yuck!

15 May, 2009 14:37  
Blogger Ai Shiang said...

I don't think the water is clean. So many people dunk their legs into the water and no chlorine is added that will encourage fungus to grow in the water.

15 May, 2009 16:50  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

mei teng - what a gross comment

foong - same here. too many feet in the same spot haha

blackie - hahaha but u'll be surprised by the number of people in those shops

ai shiang - i presumed that u have not been to one too

let's think about this - what about a swimming pool?

19 May, 2009 00:31  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I never dare to try the fish spa too. I felt sad even to sit elephant rides not to mention allow fishes to feed on my foot wastes.

20 May, 2009 14:06  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - done the elephant rides in bangkok before. those big elephants can handle my weight easily

22 May, 2009 23:10  
Anonymous azms said...

I think it's ok.

02 August, 2009 15:02  

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