Saturday, May 23, 2009

Scary Incident in a LRT

Re-posting Samantha Kong's incident while commuting in a LRT

I got cut by a man with his knife
Yesterday should be a day full of joy and fun for me. I had a great time at Sunway with Amber, we went shopping for our things. Later that, watched 'LoveY Man' with Reyvan, Derrick, Evon and Mei Quan. However, all that ends when I went back to my place using the train.

Derrick dropped me and Amber at the Kelana Jaya station. Amber stopped at Bangsar station where I got to stop at Masjid Jamek and changed to Star LRT station to go to Titiwangsa. So everything was fine initially till at Sultan Ismail station when a creepy scary guy entered the train. The worst part of it, at the same station many people got off from the train.

Next thing I know, the guy came and sat directly next to me very closely. He started to hold and grab my hand. When I told him to get his hand off from me, he said : "You got very soft hands." I was like WTF! So I tried to pull my hand but he took out a pocketknife and laid the knife on my arm.

The more I struggle, the harder he pressed the knife against my arm. I was so scared and didn't know what to do. He kept telling me that he want to bring me back home and play. I kept thinking how to get out from the situation. As time passes by, the harder the knife was on my arm.

I missed my stop at Titiwangsa because when I tried to get up, he blocked my way. Luckily at the next stop, Sentul, a group of working people came into the train and the guy was distracted by them. Quickly I pushed his hand off from my hand and managed to ran out of the train without him following me.

I thank God that I'm still alive now and nothing really very bad happened to me. So I advise all the gals out there to be very CAREFUL! As you see, I didn't even thought this will happen to me but it did. Never let your guards down!
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Blogger Chemhoster said...

Wao...that's not good! It's inside LRT...beyond expectation!

Yup, always have to be vigilant about the surrounding! Anywhere can just be a spot for them to carry out their "activities".

23 May, 2009 22:35  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

chemhoster - yes, vigilant is the word. have to be open our eyes really big and be sensitive towards any suspicious characters at all times be it in lrt, roadside, neighbourhood, work place

23 May, 2009 23:22  
Blogger EliteVillain said...

walao this really happened? Go report police so the fella can be caught! Sigh...the last i met was a crazy who kept on singing out loud at the lrt station....

24 May, 2009 19:27  
Blogger Rosse said...

Scary indeed, can't believe that happened in lrt.

25 May, 2009 16:19  
Blogger Nux V said...

can't believe all these are happening in public places. Just today i read in the newspaper that passengers were being attacked by a group of hooligans in the public bus, but the driver take no action on it.
All these can be curb if there is some security measures taken by the public transport authority, but yet nothing has been done.

27 May, 2009 00:54  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

elite - a police report needs to be made actually so that police is aware of such happening

rosse - this is really happening nowadays

nux v - i wonder where are the police when u need them

30 May, 2009 16:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does that creepy guy looks like a gay or a drug addict? and what nationality? describe this fellow better so that we would be alert when seeing this kind of ppl standing by! pheww...lucky u made it out. I wonder if anyone else kena after you left the train.

02 June, 2009 22:01  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

anon - somehow the suspect's facial or appearance wasn't mentioned at all

06 June, 2009 23:00  
Anonymous boljack said...

wow...ppl like that really exist!better warn my sis cuz she always use LRT to go to work.

02 July, 2009 00:39  
Blogger e Loe said...

oh my god! daytime or nighttime?
i dont know how will I reach if i were u!

02 July, 2009 00:53  
Blogger yenniedoll said...

eh, this one copy and patse from sam blog? =_=

02 July, 2009 13:33  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

boljack - oh yes, u better. its better to be aware of it first

e loe - that happened during daytime. nowadays, the notorious people don't wait for night time.

yenniedoll - yeah, copied and paste. did inform sam as need to spread this news vastly and fast

04 July, 2009 05:55  

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