Friday, May 15, 2009

Attacked by Mat Rempits

Received this via email and you have to read on to understand the nature of the notorious Mat Rempits. I remember at one time, a certain political youth organisation wanted to glorify this group of people by giving them a greater name, a so to say positive identification.

Dear friends,
On Friday night, 25th March 2009, I was robbed and slashed by a group of Mat Rempit, more than 15 of them and I was admitted to the hospital. It happened at about 2am at the road side of Arena Green condo in Bukit Jalil when I was entering my car after visiting a problematic student who was staying there.

I was seated at the driver seat in my own car and about to close my car door when a group of Mat Rempit on motorbikes, pull over with parang. Despite agreeing to give the robber my wallet which was at the back pocket of my trousers, the robber still slashed me on my hand and leg, just because I was too slow in taking out my wallet. Blood stain was all over the seats and my pants was soaked with blood. I was rushed to the hospital with slash wounds on my hand and leg and received 11 stitches on my knee cap which now I am temporary immobilize.

My colleague, 61 year old lady who was walking towards my car was pinned down to the ground and her gold chain was snatched and another colleague of mine, 31 year old who parked his car in front of my car, managed to run on foot to the guard house of the condo and he was chased by the Mat Rempit group. Another colleague of mine who parked her car behind my car managed to lock her car in time. The Mat Rempit group was also trying to open her car.

Luckily, there was an off duty plainclothes policeman riding a motor on his way home, happened to pass by while the robbery in progress and he rammed his motor onto them. They want to charge him with parang as well but the Mat Rempit group sped off when he was about to pull out his pistol.

It was a very daring robbery as there was a police road block on that night on the same road opposite direction about 100 meter away and the Mat Rempit group sped off in the presence of the police roadblock. The group of Mat Rempit outnumbered the police on the roadblock. Those police manning the roadblock only arrived at the crime scene after the Mat Rempit group has sped off.

The Mat Rempits are very cruel and inhuman even when I have agreed to give them all they want, they still chopped me with parang. I was told that they were probably high on syabu drugs when they committed the robbery.

Please inform your family members and friends to be careful especially when going out or coming home late at night. Police said that Mat Rempits are active past midnight and they always ride in a group.

Thank God I am still alive but traumatized by the whole incident. Now, I am resting at home, can't move around. It takes time to recover.

Thank you.

Chan Kok Keun
Manager - Testing, UTG
Scope International (M) Sdn Bhd
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Blogger foongpc said...

I hope the Govt is serious in eradicating Mat Rempits! I heard so many stories about them now I make sure I don't on the road after midnight!

15 May, 2009 11:11  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - i guessed the mat rempits have gotten really bold bcuz even the police dare not interrupt

19 May, 2009 00:10  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I have also blogged about my colleague getting bashed up by over 10 Mat Rempits outside Secret Recipe in Sri Petaling at 6:45am in the wee morningsssss! Crazee!

20 May, 2009 14:09  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

oh my, even at that spot? i have never seen such mat rempits in that few gardens

22 May, 2009 23:03  
Blogger Chan Kok Kuen said...

I am the real Chan Kok Kuen. This incident NEVER happen to me. This letter is a HOAX which was an April Fool joke that was placed on me.

In future, please verify with the person before publishing.

10 June, 2009 17:41  

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