Friday, May 29, 2009

Champions League Atmosphere in Khartoum

On Wednesday, where the Champions League finals between Man Utd vs Barcelona was to be played in Rome, we were invited to Petronas headquarters to watch the match live over there.

Malaysians from all walks of life were there. The Petronas management has put up a huge screen. What a good staff welfare planning.

They switched off the surrounding lights and my colleague's camera couldn't capture quite good. Moreover, there are fine dust all over his lens.

The match had just started and some people (including me and colleagues) were still eating roti telur, roti canai with free flow teh tarik.

That's the big screen and there are quite a number of people. Who do they support?

Let me tell you ...... almost all of them are Liverpool-Chelsea-Arsenal-turned-Barcelona-fan for the night.

Those sourish fellas just cannot bear Man Utd winning another trophy. During the two seasons where Chelsea was the English Premier League champions, me and my friends who are Man Utd don't feel that way till you have to belittle Man Utd day in day out.

Till today, you can still read comments in my or friends' Facebooks (those who are Man Utd fans) where they are still receiving sourish comments from the Liverpool-Chelsea-Arsenal clan. Hahaha ........ they are so cute. They just can't face the fact.

This was half-time break and everyone rushed to get another cup of drink.

Sad night indeed where Man Utd was beaten 2-0 by Barcelona.

Barcelona really well and Man Utd was no where near their usual. Man Utd could still beat a lower ranked EPL team on their not so good day but playing against Barcelona in a such a final is just not the same.

Just have to wait for the next season to watch those exciting matches again and renew the Liverpool-Chelsea-Arsenal rivalry again.

Thanks to Petronas for that wonderful night.
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