Sunday, May 17, 2009

Meals at Hometown Hainan Coffee

Too many towns here and there now. First time seeing this Hometown Hainan Coffee. It's situated at Desa Petaling with its frontage facing the KL-Seremban Highway.

My group of friends who told had frequented this place a number of times told me their curry chicken is marvellous. That is after I have ordered their Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Really nice ..... maybe I was stucked in Sudan for too long and any food would have been nice. But this is exceptional. Smooth skin and meat itself. Serving is just nice for average diners. For me, not enough of course.

The cafe's set up was almost similar to the other cafes that has the word "town" in it too.

Just that this cafe's air-cond is like ........ no feeling of coolness. Their doorless entrance was just too big and you can't feel the air-cond coolness at all. Good thing I was not wearing a thick shirt.

People still packed the inner seating area. Well, a bit of coolness is better than nothing at all. They have seatings which is opened.
After finishing my chicken rice, I ordered their Toast with Kaya and Butter ...... irresistable. Go for the "Kiap" type as toast will be more crunchy.

Price is similar with other similar cafes which I found is quite norm nowadays and people are swarming into such cafes compared with the olden coffee shop frequented by my parents.



Blogger foongpc said...

Yeah, so many Towns nowadays. Maybe you should open one too and franchise it out : )

17 May, 2009 18:47  
Blogger WanWan said...

I still prefer to old type of kopitiam... which easily still can be found at IPOH.. hehehe..

18 May, 2009 08:54  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

foong - i'll be my own biggest customer hahahaha

wanwan - ipoh place is classic with food. no doubt

19 May, 2009 00:22  
Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I must try this one since you rated it OK.
The Old Town White Coffee's bread kaya is getting sucks as their kaya spread is getting so little and their menu prices has been increasing higher.

20 May, 2009 14:01  
Anonymous Gong said...

Oldtown, Oldtaste, Leo, Paparich <- their food is gross, if you ever eat their curry with prawn, it is expired. Their kaya is sour which is also expired. I think maybe all this came from their central kitchen, all went bad and the individual franchise branch did not notice it.

At first in Paparich Taipan, I ate the kaya I thought why abit sour thought maybe they add lemon to it. Went home imeediatedly I have to sit in bathroom for 3 hours. I realize I was wrong

30 May, 2009 13:58  

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