Saturday, May 23, 2009

Running Out of Soft Drinks

Yesterday I blogged about Tea. Today it will be about soft drinks.

How often do you drink soft drinks? I seldom knowing that in long term it will not be healthy at all. It will be once in a blue moon kind of thing.

Even at KFC or McDonalds, I would pay a bit more to opt for Milo or Iced Lemon Tea instead. In Malaysia, soft drinks are aplenty. You can find it anywhere, every corner. The sales are good too. No matter how good is the sale it wouldn't have ran out of stock, right?

But it did happen in Ethiopia. The East Africa Bottling Share Company that produces Coke drinks shuts down its plant because it ran out of bottle tops. It was also rumoured that people in the nation are collecting those bottle tops to be sold back to the company at the rate of US$0.20 (£0.13) a kilogram. It's not so much about the bottle tops but it has caused 35,000 Coke sale outlets to be without any soft drinks to sell.

Suppliers to the bottling plant and distributors of the products were badly affected where 150,000 employees in the upstream or downstream businesses could be going without pay if the situation prolongs. It was mentioned that a state of emergency could have been declared.

This East Africa Bottling Share Company in Ethiopia is owned by Coca-Cola Sabco, a South African company, that owns Coke bottling plants in Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. Their interest don't end there. Coca-Cola Sabco also owns bottling plants in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

I'm not surprised with that "state of emergency". In Sudan here, the sale of Pepsi and Coke are very good in the sense that it's even consumed during breakfast, for some it's not one bottle but two.

Would you have taken softdrinks as your morning beverage instead of the usual coffee, tea, milo, milk, fruit juice or hot chocolate? My morning beverage in Sudan here is Milo. I brought along 2 kilogrammes of those Milo powder form. Hopefully can last till I leave.

Reading: Ethiopia hit by Coca-Cola drought - BBC News/Africa
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Blogger Twilight Zone said...

I used to be a coke addict until I went to study & live in US where I witnessed police cars are all equipped with coke cylinders to prepare for the event of any serious car accidents with injuries. They used the coke to pour onto the wounds to stop bleeding besides cleaning up effectively. Later I read articles how the coke can eat up stomach walls. Sacrily, I have reduced them drastically since. Oh now it's my cuppa of Teh Tarek or Hot Milo.

23 May, 2009 11:11  
Blogger fufu said...

erm...well i always drink water one... hihihi... soft drinks only i go to restaurant =p but lately i like to drink tea especially green tea

23 May, 2009 15:24  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

twilight - a friend of mine is a coke addict. cannot take my advise at all until one day she had bad gastric. i told her that her internal organs may not be as strong as other people bcuz she drinks too much coke. i think from that day, she cut down a lot.

fufu - yeah, soft drinks during wedding dinner bcuz no choice. otherwise it'll be fruit juice if possible.

23 May, 2009 23:05  

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