Sunday, April 12, 2009

Parents Joined In To Bully

What has become of Malaysia's general society nowadays?

I read this piece of news in Stars online and found that a Form 4 (16 years old) kid from a Serdang secondary school was bullied on 14 Oct 2008 and that 'bullying' incident was recorded. Somehow, that videoclip has been leaked out to other schoolmates.

Fearing for his safety, the Form 4 kid lodged a police report. After the lodgement of the police report and also the school authority, Tee Wui Hong found himself being harassed by those bullies again. This time, the bullies' parents confronted him too.

The police has to act on such police report as it concerns the public's safety. I know that the police has been requested to receive all kinds of police reports but then the police must act on it as well. Failure to act on it will somehow 'encourage' bullies to carry on knowing the police wouldn't dare to touch them.

My question is, why are the bullies' parents involved this time? Are those parents having "good connections" and thus, threatened Tee for his lodgement of reports with the police and school authorities? No matter who's wrong, the parents shouldn't have gotten involved. I would take that as adults bullying the kid right now.

The school authority ought to act as well as the videoclip has been circulated in the school and failure to act is like condoning such bullying case.

With the Subang Jaya police, Selangor State Education Department and DAP Serdang Service Centre having been informed, I hoped that the culprits would be warned and appropriate 'sentence' would be imposed. Otherwise, such bullies (esp the bullies' parents) will continue with their rude life and the few school going kids may grow up as ruffians in the future.

Reading: More trauma for victim as videoclip surfaces - Star
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Blogger @brendaisarebel said...

This is just ridiculous. The phrase "pick on someone your own size" comes to mind. It makes me sad that the world is getting crueler every day :(

13 April, 2009 01:26  
Blogger -EdwiN- said...

actually..many of these cases happens everyday, it juz din went public news unlike tis one, kids nowadays..

13 April, 2009 08:47  
Blogger fufu said...

blame the new technology j/k
well, the bullying case is not new to us as it happens since long long time ago and not only in msia but also all over the world, i am sad because the authority never seriously care/investigate the cases and let it becoming worse then worst >.<

13 April, 2009 12:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone got their hands on the video clip?

13 April, 2009 20:08  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

brenda - some people bully so that they have respect from those being bullied
edwin - yeah, only those reported will be highlighted. many cases went unreported

fufu - its bcuz things were not taken seriously and people became more daring as time passes by

blowfly - waaaaah why u want to view it?

15 April, 2009 06:13  
Blogger Ping Ping said...

seriously, parents should know that this is not the right way to settle something. It's so scary to think that there's so many bully cases around. It used to be just among the young ones. Then now parents got involved. =S

06 May, 2009 13:56  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

ping ping - the parents thot they can frighten the kid as well ... bully in this case too

11 May, 2009 08:12  

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