Thursday, August 07, 2008

Beijing Olympics in Jeopardy

China government is not taking anything for granted in the forthcoming Olympic Games after noticing a poster that was found in the capital city.Tags: Beijing 2008, Beijing Olympics, Olympic Game, China, Sports



Blogger - k o R i - said...

oh my goodness... and I thought they were just rumours x.x

07 August, 2008 17:20  
Blogger Sweet Jasmine said...

Another version of the chinglish language...

07 August, 2008 17:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

they really are trying very hard! dun miss de opening tomoro!

07 August, 2008 18:39  
Blogger YingYang@QS said...

I think I get what you mean by writing down the dreams, will do so!


Ohyea, thanks for the tip =)

07 August, 2008 18:52  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

kori - u have seen more this 'threats' ?? hehe

jasmine - they are just too excited with it, ran out of words to express

cbenc - yeah, yeah, i'm watching it in sudan

yingyang - there's a chatbox further down the blog at the sidebar

07 August, 2008 23:42  
Blogger Josh said...

This is good! Hahaha.
Reminded me of Penelope Cruz's remark when she went to a saloon and asked for a "blow job".. it was met by stun silence and then a blow up!

12 August, 2008 16:38  
Blogger Johnny Ong said...

co-incidentally when it matters most, that's the time the foul up will happen

12 August, 2008 22:47  

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